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21 Savage has revealed that he is in a constant state of anxiety due to his encounters with death.

In a recent appearance on Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast in which he was interviewed, the Atlanta rapper revealed that he acts like he’s always monitored, a belief which stems from the fact that he witnessed one of his close friends pass away right in front of him.

“I’m scared of everybody, n-gga,” he stated. “I’m not going to be Rambo … My movements are in fear. Heck yeah, I’m terrified. The n-gas that scared me stay alive. It’s because I’ve have seen it. I’m not one of those N-ggas that just”n-gga,” I was shot. I saw my friend’s death at my feet at my birthday. In the car, too.

“It isn’t as simple as”Oh, we’re just sitting on the street and a drive-by happens. What I’m talking about is right here”N-gga. He’s in the driver’s seat and I’m the passenger’s seat.”

He said: “So I know like the n-gga, this can gets really fast, as if, do you know what I’m talking about? It’s like I’m paranoid all the time at all times and I’m n-gga. I’m convinced that someone is following me. I’m spinning my block a few times before entering the home.”

In the interview 21 Savage described Takeoff‘s recent death as “the worst one that I’ve seen in my life.” The Migos rapper was shot and killed in the bowling alley located in Houston, Texas on November 1st. The news sent shock waves throughout Houston and the Hip Hop community.

“It’s the worst one,” he declared. “I do not know if it’s due to the fact that I know him better than anyone else however, I’m one the instances where you feel like “Damn! Him? The N-ggas will say that often, but he’s isn’t one of them who say, ‘Damn! What’s up? !'”

He added: “Never gonna see him fight. If he’s fighting, he’s is fighting to save his brothers. This is one of the most deplorable cases I’ve seen in my lifetime that’s like, “a person who doesn’t merit that kind of shit.”

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21 Savage also explained why 21 Savage as well as Drake chose to proceed to release their collaboration album Her Loss within a few days of the death of Takeoff.

“It was just so much going on, like so much negative, sad energy,” said the actor. “We were like”Maybe this can give Muthafuckas some joy or a boost and give the world a boost, something to anticipate, and that’s what we were thinking.

“‘Cause initially, we were thinking we’d move it back and then it became”Well, shit. What do we do? You can just stay in this state of mind for a bit longer In contrast to moving forward, just type “shit.”