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21 Savage may have been denied the New York passport revoked after being a target of social media users this week after he claimed that that Nas “isn’t relevant” in the current rap scene.

In the Clubhouse room on the weekend following the launch of Nas the new album King’s Disease III 21 was asked what the definition of”relevant” was, and then continued by saying: “I don’t feel like that he’s pertinent. I don’t think Nas has any relevance.”

21 Savage’s comments seemed to have struck an emotional chord with the people in the chatroom , as everyone started arguing about each other.

When things settled down The Slaughter Gang boss took the stage to explain that the Queensbridge icon isn’t very relevant today however, he does have an “loyal” fan base and creates great music. The heated debate seemed to be centered around rappers from the ’90s who are still dropping albums.

Nas dropped King’s Disease III on Friday (November 11) The album is the third part of the Hit-Boy-produced series for which earned him his first Grammy Award for. The series has also proved commercially successful, as each of the two initial parts earned his Top 5 debuts on the Billboard 200.

Furious Escobar Fans took on social media to share their displeasure with 21’s violent remarks.

“It’s funny because Nas at 49 years old just released 4 better quality albums than his whole discography,” one fan wrote. “But it’s even funnier when 21 Savage is being relevant exclusively thanks to Drake in the last year.”

Another said: “Clubhouse really showed how simple-minded, unintelligent and chatty 21 Savage is. Imagine a rapper n-gga or any other n-gga calling Nas insignificant.”

In terms of 21he’s just recently releasing the “Her Loss” joint album together with Drake The album was atop in the Billboard 200 this week after it sold more than 400,000 album equivalent units in the first week of sales.

Drake and 21’s LP has been credited with producing one of the most successful streaming weeks of all time, generating more than 500 million. Drake is the second time this year to top his mark on the Billboard 200, following his seventh album of studio work, Honestly, Nevermind that came out in June.

As of now, 21 Savage has expressed regrets about comments that he made about the demise of the Bankroll Fresh.

In a 2016 interview on VladTV 21 expressed his displeasure that his pal No Plug – who was caught on camera engaged physically battle with Bankroll in the moments prior to when his death and was portrayed as an “hater” responsible for the Atlanta rapper’s murder.

Nas’ L.A. Home Burglarized While He Was Celebrating ‘King’s Disease 3’ In NY

In a recent chat together with Akademiks on the Off The Record podcast, 21 Savage admitted that he regrets his comments and also that it was wrong to have made such a statement. of those who died.

“I will not be honest Rest in peace Bankroll. I was with some young, dumb , just talking too much insignificant shit at the time that that shit occurred,” the Slaughter Gang leader explained. “And I reached out and tried to fix that shit like right after that happened, but n-ggas already felt how they felt and I understood it so I fell back.”

He added: “But I knew I was not right. When I saw the shit, which was on my mom I knew that I was not right in my opinion about that kind of shit, because it did involve me in the least. It was just a young N-GGa hit.”