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21 Savage is currently facing the anger of comedian and actor Michael Rapaport for his Nas “isn’t irrelevant” statements in an earlier Clubhouse discussion.

The comedian discussed his views regarding the whole issue in the I Am Rapaport The Stereo Radio Show this Thursday (November 16) and also criticized Nas’s Atlanta local for questioning the relevance of Nas’s name within Hip Hop.

According to Rapaport 21’s statements are logical given that the rapper has the style straight from Dr. Suess’ Cat in the Hat book, but not at the same level as the Queens legend.

“Nas is not relevant,” Rapaport declared to begin his tirade. “It shows in your work 21 Savage, and I’m glad your making money, I’m glad you’re able to take care of everybody, but it’s so disrespectful.”

He went on to say: “I gotta be the one to tell you how dare you to claim that Nas isn’t important. We can see the reason why you consider that Nas isn’t important, 21 Savage, because when we listen to your music it suggests that you’re no large Nas fan. You’re probably not an Big Daddy Kane fan, or an LL COOL J fan, or a Beastie Boy fan, a Gang Starr fan.

“You likely aren’t a big fan of any of them and I’ve heard it in your writing. You’re the Cat in the Hat. This is what you are. Cat in the Hat jumped over the bat, then he turned and flapped his and yap.”

michaelrapaport I can discern the sound of #21savage isn’t an “NAS” unique sound. michaelrapaport

Rapaport’s comments came after Fivio Foreign also spoke out regarding 21’s controversial comments. TMZ interviewed rapper B.I.B.L.E. rapper in which he stated that Nas is entitled to do what he likes.

“That n-gga Nas did too much to be disrespected like that,” Fivio declared. “That’s big bro , where I’m from. You are aware of what I’m saying. I was recently playing his record. He was awarded an Grammy for his album that I had the privilege of being on.”

Nas Seemingly Responds To 21 Savage’s ‘Not Relevant’ Comments

He went on to talk about Nas never becoming irrelevant “Nah it’s the same as saying that it’s like being an immortality legend that you are able to do whatever you want, return whenever you like you go away when you’d like. This is what it means. He can do whatever it is wants.”

Kodak Black was an aggressive response to 21’s remarks and took to Twitter to criticize him for disdaining Nas and using the lyrics of his 2002 single “I Can.”

“Talking about, ‘Oh, Nas irrelevant.’ How the fuck Nas irrelevant, hoe?” Kodak Black asked. “How is it that Nas isn’t important Homie? N-gga smoking dick! Was an amazing Fucking Drake [album”Another. We are proud of Drake and we are in love with Drake Okay, whatever.

“Nas that homie, n-gga. ‘ I know I can (I am sure of it)Be who I’d like to be (Be what I’d like to be)If I try to be a good on it (If I put in the effort to do it)I’ll be who I’d like to be.”You are crazy, you crazy! What’s the matter? Nas this boy. Homie, you tripping. Nas the n-gga boy, you’re tripping boy. What’s the fucker?”