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50 Cent‘s moves in Hollywood have garnered the respect of many, including Gilbert Arenas who has given the G-Unit mogul his props this week.

On Christmas (December 25), the former NBA star chopped it up with fans on Twitch about a variety of subjects, and one of the topics he touched upon was the film and TV industry. Noting that there are very few stand-up executives, Arenas named Fif as one of them and broke down his controversial opinion as to why.


“There’s only a few stand-up n-ggas in [Hollywood] — like 50 Cent,” he began. “Because 50 Cent was famous first and now he’s in Hollywood. He already has his power so he don’t have to do nothing. And if you really wanna make it in Hollywood now, you would rather try to get in 50 Cent movies.”

He continued: “Because he didn’t — nothing happened to him for him to do it to other people. There’s only a few windows you can go down without getting your buns blown out or your throat jabbered with.”

You can view the clip below:

Gilbert Arenas’ comments arrive following news that 50 Cent had expanded his entertainment empire with a brand new film studio in Louisiana.

50 received approval from the Shreveport City Council in Louisiana to take over the massive studio on December 12, per KSLA12.

“All Roads lead to Shreveport if you ready to work in film and television. G-unit studios Is officially in Louisiana. BOOM GLG GREENLIGHTGANG,” 50 captioned a post with a photo of the colossal brick estate.


50 received plenty of love in his comments as Killer Mike, YG, Fat Joe, Lala and more saluted the Queens icon on his latest endeavor and property purchase. “Dope shit!!!!! Bravo black man,” Mike wrote.

The lease will cost Fif $2,400 annually for 30 years, after which he can renew it for 15 more if he pleases.

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50 Cent Tells Taraji P. Henson He’s ‘Ready To Work’ After ‘Empire’ Fumble

Last month, city council members introduced legislation for the lease of the Millennium Movie Studio as a base for 50’s entertainment company, G-Unit Film & Television Louisiana, LLC.

“We enjoyed for a period after 2005, we enjoyed a very robust television and film industry in the Shreveport area,” Mayor Tom Arceneaux said. “This will bring back, I think, a lot of those people and will rejuvenate that industry in our area. So I think the film industry is about to blossom again in Shreveport.

“[50 Cent]’s undertaking all of the maintenance and repair, which is around 160 to 170 thousand dollars a year. So to look at just the lease payment is not fair to him.”


The mayor continued: “We also anticipate he’s going to make several million dollars of improvements to the facility. This is a very serious proposal, a very serious undertaking by him.”

Earlier this year, 50 left STARZ and joined the FOX family with a non-exclusive broadcast direct deal that will “develop scripted dramas, live-action comedies and animated series” in partnership with his G-Unit Film & Television production company.