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Actor Jonathan Majors Files A Complaint Against Grace Jabbari. In a shocking turn of events, actor Jonathan Majors has recently filed a complaint with the NYPD. His complaint is against Grace Jabbari, alleging harassment and assault. The case has garnered significant attention, with a trial looming as Majors fights for justice.

Actor Jonathan Majors Files NYPD Complaint Against Grace Jabbari

Actor Jonathan Majors Files A Complaint Against Grace Jabbari.

According to Complex, Majors allegedly has filed a counter-claim against his gf.

He claims he was subjected to disturbing incidents involving Grace Jabbari.

According to The New York Post, Majors alleged that Jabbari physically assaulted him.

Jonathan’s attorney Priya Chaudhry has said that Majors is the victim in this scenario, not Jabbari.

Alleges that Jabbari has been relentlessly harassing and assaulting him physically and psychologically over the past few months.

For this reason, Jonathan decided to pursue a case against Jabbari.

The 30-year-old professional dancer has allegedly given cops probable cause to arrest her.

Majors has provided the authorities with substantial evidence to support his claims.

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Trial for Harassment & Assault Looms: Actor Majors’ Battle for Justice

The allegations against Grace Jabbari are being taken seriously by the NYPD.

At this point, Jonathan Majors may have a legitimate case against Jabarri.

Be that as it may, Jabbari is in serious trouble.

That is if she is responsible for allegedly assaulting Majors.

The legal battle promises to shed light on the truth behind Majors’ claims and allow justice to prevail.

The actor’s decision to come forward and seek legal action against his alleged harasser sends a powerful message.

No one should be subjected to such mistreatment, regardless of their status or position.

At this time, Majors had not commented on the situation.

We don’t know if arresting Jabbari will dismiss the Majors case.

A trial has been set for August; perhaps, Majors will walk away free.

Having said this, we will bring you updates as they arise.