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Akon believes that the Young Thug is forced to change his the genre of rap should the rapper is involved on the YSL RICO case, saying he’ll be unable to thrive within Hip Hop culture any longer.

“The question is he willing to cooperate to save himself and his family,” Akon revealed in an interview on VladTV. “Is he willing to take that mud in the face… He has to decide whose life is more important — their life or the people he’s trying to impress… Being known to the world as a snitch is the biggest embarrassment to the world.”

In the same vein, Akon believes Thugger should take whatever steps necessary to be reunited with his family and not worry about his professional career’s second. He also expressed his belief that Thugger is a Punk musician has the talent to succeed in different genres other than rap, like pop and country.

“His career will be over,” said the man. “It will be done. If he decides to do any music, it won’t to be Hip Hop because Hip Hop has the potential to stop his contract. The great thing about him is that he’s skilled that this n-gga can do country music or pop.

“Them white people know what’s happening on the streets. They’re just not concerned. He would need to switch genres in order to have any chance of success to be successful, but Hip Hop forget it.”

Young Thug is still in jail after several bond requests refused following his arrest in May in connection with an broad RICO investigation in the case against his YSL collective, which has been accused of operating as an “criminal street gang.” The trial is scheduled to begin on the 9th of January 2023, but it may delay until the month of March.

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The same story can be found for Gunna who’s legal team unsuccessfully submitted the fourth bond motion in October, asserting that the prosecution hasn’t “shown adequate proof” that the client is susceptible to intimidation by witnesses, which is the reason given for Gunna’s numerous denials of bond requests.