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 Back to School Beauty: A+ Annabelle Cosmetics Essentials

As the new academic year approaches, it’s time to refresh your look and step into the classroom with confidence. With Annabelle’s wide range of high-quality and trendsetting makeup essentials, you can effortlessly create stunning looks that reflect your individuality and elevate your self-expression. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup guru or just starting your beauty journey, our back-to-school picks are designed to inspire, empower, and make your return to the campus catwalk truly unforgettable. Get ready to embrace the new semester with Annabelle Cosmetics’ A+ beauty essentials!

Skinny Mascara – $9.49

Say goodbye to short lashes and get every last lash from the root up with our Skinny Mascara! This mascara’s high-precision brush grabs and captures even the shortest lashes.


Perfect Blush – $7.95

Whether you want softly glowing cheeks or cheekbones with added depth, the Perfect Blush Powder is just what you need to get that healthy and youthful look! Available in 7 different shades.


Lip Liner – $6.61

Get perfect lips for hours with this lip liner, the must-have tool when you want extreme precision! Available in 17 shades.


Perfect Matte – $10.95

This translucent powder controls shine and offers a sheer matte finish, to add the final touch for a perfect makeup look, lasting up to 6 hours!


Energizing Setting Mist – $6.99

This setting mist is a real energy booster! Thanks to olivine extract which is an anti-stress and anti-fatigue active ingredient. Use it to set your makeup or simply for a good refreshing boost in the morning, after a workout or anytime during the day!


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