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Big Tigger had a gem back in the day with the freestyles on his show Rap City Tha Basement, and now he’s revealing which were his favorites.

The television personality was a guest on T-Pain’s podcast Nappy Boy Radio, and he was tasked with picking his top five freestyles from the legendary show. The segment had an All-Star list of rappers grace the microphone throughout its nine-year run, such as JAY-Z, 50 Cent, T.I. and more.

According to Big Tigger, his top five contains some of the best freestyles from the segment thanks to rappers such as Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Cam’ron and more laying waste to the microphone. Tigger’s first choice may come as a surprise to some, though.

“My favorite, favorite, favorite one was Rap City Tha Bashment, it was me Elephant Man, Buju Banton with Bobby Konders playing the music and when I go to Jamaica now, they still talk about it,” Tigger said. “Cam’ron counting money, classic. Me and Ludacris had three. Ludacris is the only person to get the best of the booth three times.”

He continued: “I had to put Wayne in there because the world was excited about Wayne when he put the flag on there. This is no disrespect or shade, I’m going to put DMX in there.”

Rap City Tha Basement was one of BET’s flagship programs in the late 90s and early to mid-2000s. Big Tigger hosted the show for six years, from its inception in 1999 until he left in 2005. The show itself ended its run in 2008 but came back with two separate one-night-only returns in 2021 and 2022.

Elsewhere in his conversation with T-Pain, Big Tigger shared an untold story about the late DMX that left the Florida native in stitches. According to Tigger, X didn’t like him using the word “filmography” to describe his work and opted for the former Rap City host to use simpler words.

“I’ve never told this story before” he began. “DMX, we come back from commercial and on the screen is a scroll of all the films he’s in — his filmography. I was like, ‘Yo X, back on Rap City… You building a hell of a filmography.’

“X looks at me. ‘Ayo dawg, what the fuck is a filmography?’ I said, ‘All your movies!’ ‘Ahh, don’t get fancy with me. Just say I got a lot of dope movies, dawg.’ I will never forget that.”

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Big Tigger’s anecdote had T-Pain roaring with laughter, with the Florida crooner replying: “That is fucking awesome, man. That’s dope as hell!”