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Big U is calling the shots on an account which Wack 100 revealed recently about the way he as well as an ex- Crip leader once had a row in the future over money he was alleged to be due to trick tricks.

In a chat at Clubhouse the previous Tuesday (November 14), Wack went into details about an LAX encounter a few years back together with Future along with his girlfriend at the time, Ciara. According to his sequence of incidents, Wack spotted the couple and remembered that Future had not yet paid the balance of a debt to Trick Trick which is why he was eager to assist in get the money.

“Me and Big U on a red eye flight to Atlanta,” Wack explained. “We are boarding LAX. We are passing through the securityand are carrying our luggage through the security. Who do we see on other side? … We see Future and Ciara. When we get through the scene I’ll say, “Aye Homie. What did you pay for that Trick?’ Then he gets off from running.”

Wack continued, claiming that Future had left Ciara behind, Then he enlisted no other than Birdman for help to defuse the situation.

“I’m trying to find the n-gga on dead homos… The guy left Ciara. He walks into the terminal . True tale. He pulls out his phone. He throws it towards me over the speaker. The only thing I hear is the voice of Stunna. He says, ‘Wack, I’m Stunna. Contact me. I respond”Stunna, I’m occupied in the present. He said”Yes But I don’t want you be my nephew. What’s the matter? I ask him to pay Trick Trick a bag, my niece. … It’s either the guy will pay or he’ll be up, and then be paid.'”

Then, the issues were worked out – at least according to Wack. Big U, however, has a different sequence of events. On his Instagram Story, U disputed the entire incident.


“I HATE HOW NO MATTER WHAT SOMEONE SAY ABOUT #BIGU IT’S JUST TRUE!! When is the hate going to end,” he said. “I made a error! This was when I was building with _____. For that, B’s and C’s I’m sorry.”

While they were once friends, Wack together with U’s relationship has been thwarted for a while following U expressed displeasure at the way Wack was acting. Wack was adamant about it and after which he later apologized, but U didn’t want to understand the apology.

“I don’t really address a lot of bullshit that’s said on the internet,” the rapper wrote in a post on Instagram on June. “I’mma inform you that I’m going to address this quickly and quickly. […] I won’t accept any apology from no one who disrespects my name, defame my family and make fun of me by calling my name.

“I am not cool with nothing I’m not cool with the CJ Mac shit, I don’t like the Dub C shit, I am not cool with any of that. That’s all I have to say about it. I’m not going to let anyone who does not respect me. See me in my face. This is all I’m saying to you right now. I’m not doing anything and nothing else. Period.”

Future along with Trick Trick have yet to be discussed.

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If Future did or did not have to pay Trick Trick any money is still to be determined however, The Atlanta singer has already been showing the cash in recent weeks.

This past Saturday (November 13), Future shared a video from Chicago musician as well as Freebandz musician Zona Man, in which Zona Man is seen showing off a variety of stacks of cash to the camera. According to Hendrix the racks were worth to around a quarter of one million dollars.

“50s,” Future said in the video which he shared on Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories. “That’s one hundred dollars right there. It’s 150, right here. It’s a quarter million just there.”

It’s after Future Cash — who had recently changed his name to Cash was sued by his former girlfriend Brittni Mealy on 10 November to increase child support.

The rapper was reported to have been ordered to pay $3,000 per month for their son, now nine years old, Prince, in 2014. Since then there has been a “substantial change” in his earnings, as well as the needs of their child, Mealy claimed.

Mealy claimed that Future was unable to “exercise his scheduled parenting time” which is why she “bears the burden of additional expenses” for Prince. She was also adamant that he failed to keep dental insurance in place and claimed he was guilty of reckless contempt.

“The “substantial change” in Future’s earnings is probably because of the sale of his catalog of publications in a deal worth eight figures.