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New York, NY –

Black Star have announced a surprise concert for this weekend, to continue Their New York City showcase.

After appearing on this Saturday’s Saturday Night Live musical guests along with host and famous comic Dave Chappelle, Talib Kweli and Yasiin Beyoncé (formerly called Mos Def) are set to take their talents to the city’s Sony Hall.

The intimate show is scheduled for Tuesday evening (November 15) however, it will continue into the night with the performance of Black Star is scheduled to start at midnight ET.

Tickets to the last-minute performance are now on sale with general admission priced at $85 and VIP seats cost about $108 to fans.

Friends and collaborators for a long time, Chappelle and Black Star are known for their sharp critique of culture and unfiltered political opinions, which is the main element in their Midnight Miracle podcast they released in January of this year.

The “Definition” rappers appeared in an SNL commercial this week, in which they were out of character and couldn’t control their laughter when they saw Chappelle making jokes on their right.

“I’ll be hosting SNL with musical guest Black Star on an episode that’s so Black it’s gonna be on BET,” DC stated, drawing a chuckle by Black Star. “Just kidding that it’s coming on NBC. See you Saturday.”

Check out Chappelle and Black Star’s SNL promotional below.

Dave Chappelle previously hosted the show following Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the elections for president, making a heartfelt but typically funny speech for the country.

On the musical side, Black Star served up an explosive contribution to Westside Gunn’s “Peppas,” which landed on his Hitler Wears Hermes 10 album.

Kweli as well as Bey returned on stage to unveil the much-anticipated album No Fear of Time album in May. The album was the duo’s debut full-length album since 1998.

In the meantime, Yasiin Bey has repurposed Kanye West‘s controversial “White Lives Matter” T-shirt with the help of the Spanish-Moroccan designer Anuar Khalifi.

Black Star & Dave Chappelle’s ‘Midnight Miracle’ Podcast Is Coming To Vinyl

In the last month earlier this month, the “Umi Says” rapper shared an Instagram post alongside Khalifi with which Bey first is seen with her back turned towards the camera. The back of his long-sleeved t-shirt is a now-infamous rendition of Black Lives Matter motto in white, with the”v” in the “v” appearing in Black which spells “White Lies Matter.”

The set of pictures features Bey — who’s collaborated with Kanye on several songs, and was signed by his G.O.O.D. Music company — who models an afghan-like back in white, before showing the front that features a photograph that shows Georg Hegel with his eyes hidden by the black bar.

A German philosopher is famous for his work in defining Hegelian Dialectic. Hegelian Dialectic, a philosophy that the conflict between concepts and their antithesis (or the opposite concept) is resolved with the higher levels of truth.