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BLEU has come out against backlash for splicing DMX’s 1998 hit song “How’s it Going’ Down” for his track “What Type of Games,” which was featured on his upcoming album, the singer-rapper TANTRA.

The Alabama native explained that there was no love with the legendary Ruff Ryders legend, as they were able to connect shortly prior to the death of X’s in April 2021 and even planned to work together in Moon Boy’s “Ghetto Love Birds” last year.

“I realize that this is an amazing song, and it cannot be copied no matter what, by any artist ! The classic,” BLEU wrote on Twitter on Sunday (November 13). “I’m paying tribute! and mostly bringing more money to his estate! That’s the main thing that matters to me Long Live x we spoke over the phone two weeks prior to his passing.”

He also said: “Mane get off my dick.”

A video of the track by Murda Beatz that pays tribute to DMX is also scheduled to be released this the 14th of November (November 14) from BLEU.

“In forever tribute Rest in Peace DMX,” the video’s opening line reads.

The 27-year-old said that X was to be included as a guest on “Ghetto Love Birds” off his debut album Moon Boy that dropped in the year before and he chose to take an opposite direction to pay tribute to the legend of the rapper.

“He was going to be in my track Ghetto Love Birds, so this was my tribute to him to him after that! In the end, Fly high OG! I would like to see this get a billion streams.” the tweeter wrote on Twitter.

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After DMX’s demise the distraught BLEU disclosed that he could have gotten an one-of-the last features of X.

“HOPE IT’S NOT TRUE!” Yung Bleu wrote in an Instagram post that was later deleted. “I am hoping I don’t miss one of the DMX’s last features. I was planning to shock the world with this on my album. I’m not sure if the information is accurate however I’m praying to you OG! Don’t be a fool! I’m praying that you will be the person who is the father to the legendary! The man who ruined my entire mood.”

The BLEU’s TANTRA album dropped this the 11th of November (November 11) featuring appearances of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Fivio Foreign, Ty Dolla $ign , and many more.