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Blueface is detained by police in Las Vegas for attempted murder.

T-Mobile Photographers captured the scene in the evening of the 15th of November (November 15) in front of the Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles in Sin City. Blue’s off-and-on girlfriend Chrisean Rock also was also in attendance, and looked at in confusion as six to eight officers were arrested Blue.

According to the legal documents that were filed, a warrant was granted for attempted felony murder using an extremely deadly weapon or tear gas arising from an incident that occurred on the 8th of October. Blueface is also being investigated for another charge of firing the gun inside a home or building, vehicle, or other craft.

The news comes off the following of Blue skating in a domestic violence case following an incident where Rock showed a broken lip as well as a bloody nostril on Instagram Live. She claimed that he had committed the crime. The singer later apologized for her comments in the aftermath and claimed that it was due to the cause of a “mental breakdown” that caused her to leap from an unmoving vehicle.

“Sorry guys I had a mental breakdown/bad trip with the liquor trynna jump out of a moving car on freeway,” she wrote in the video. “I will be working on my mental health and liquor habits.”

The couple are preparing to make a reality TV show about their turbulent love affair through Zeus Network. Zeus Network, Crazy In Love. The show does not have a date for its release. It’s unclear what new developments might impact the release.

In august, Chriseanwas was reportedly detained in an Arizona bar known as Whiskey Row. Based on The TMZ newspaper, the singer hit Blueface squarely in the face twice. Security then tackled her and pin her on the ground while they waited for the police to arrive.

Blueface Allegedly Knocks Out Chrisean Rock’s Dad During Hotel Altercation

However, Blueface assured his followers that it was just a misinterpretation. On Monday morning (August 22) The “Thotiana” rapper headed to his Instagram Stories where he clarified Rock was detained for trespassing but not for domestic violence.