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Las Vegas, NV –

Blueface will be scheduled to get released by the police after his arrest on charges of attempted murder..

The Los Angeles rapper (real name Jonathan Jamall Porter) was arrested within Las Vegas earlier this week in connection to an alleged shooting incident that took place within Sin City on October 8. The 25-year-old was accused of attempted murder using an armed weapon, as well as firing a gun in a structure that was occupied.

After being initially detained at Clark County Detention Center, Blueface showed up before the court the 16th of November (November 16) and the judge gave him a bail of $50,000, and said: “[It is] likely that Mr. Porter is going to make that bail.”

The judge also set out various bail conditions which Blueface must adhere to which include staying clear of and not having contact with the person he claims to be his victim, as well as keeping in contact with his lawyers in court, attending court and staying out of trouble. If asked if he had understood the terms, Blueface replied: “Yes.”

The footage of the shooting that took place on October 8 was released following his arrest. The footage it appears to show Blueface shooting shots at the vehicle in front of the Las Vegas nightclub. The rapper is in front of the venue along with his band when a pickup truck appears. The vehicle speeds away when the rapper pulls out the gun and fires it at the driver.

Based on The TMZ the driver was involved in an altercation with Blueface’s team in the club earlier that evening, though Blueface himself was not involved. The man reappeared in his vehicle, he demanded the crew to: “Who hit me? !” which led to the shooting.

Blueface: Video Allegedly Shows Him Shooting At Man in Truck

Blueface’s girlfriend on and off, Chrisean Rock along with manager Wack 100 Both were present at the rapper’s court appearance on Wednesday, when they praised Blueface’s “likely” release.

“Lawyer threw them gloves on and we beat another case,” Wack exclaimed in a video shared on Instagram and referring to “The Game’s” quote from “Ali Bomaye.” Rock added to her post: “His family here is we got him Daddy coming home.”

Rock earlier expressed her devotion to Blueface just after the arrest, claiming she was “riding” and “sliding” to her boyfriend through a string of Instagram Story clips.

“Everybody that keeps saying it’s a sign to leave — what the fuck is you talking about?” she asked. “Stop playing. N-gas was never absent from my mind when I was in. I’m in court on Monday and that’s all that’s important. He’s home now I’m not sure what you’re are talking about. You can catch our documentary, the TV program through the Zeus network. We are out in the open.

“Don’t be shocked when I receive another chain that has his face, and another tat in my eyes. What? What’s up? I’m riding, I’m sliding. What are you talking about?”

Blueface Blueface, who was previously detained for possession of a firearm in his home state of California on February 1st, will be back in court in January.