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Las Vegas, NV –

Blueface Blueface is involved in the attempted murder trial that is believed to stem from a the infamous strip club.

According to the legal documents that were obtained from the TMZ, Blueface was at the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas on the 8th of October the night his alleged victim appeared to make a joke about him talking to “some females in a cheap vehicle.”

The joke wasn’t well received Blueface’s team were alleged to have hit him “multiple times.” When the man tried to get out of his vehicle, Blueface allegedly fired shots at the car of the man while he fled the scene.

Police have reported that numerous bullet marks were found on the truck. the man was wounded with an “bullet graze wound” on his left hand.

Blueface (real real name Jonathan Porter) was arrested for attempted murder on Tuesday (November 15) in front of the Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant in Las Vegas. The warrant is for felony attempt to murder using an explosive tear gas or firearm arising from the incident on October 8.

He’s also being charged with another charge of firing the gun inside a home vehicle, construction site, or other craft.

It is reported that the Los Angeles rapper’s girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, reacted to his arrest via her Instagram Stories right after his arrest and expressed her his support.

“Everybody that keeps saying it’s a sign to leave — what the fuck is you talking about?” she asked. “Stop playing. N-ggas has never left me after I was in. I’m in court on the 14th of May and this is all that’s important. He’s coming home I’m not sure what you’re are talking about. You can catch our documentary, our television program through the Zeus network. We are out in the open.”

Blueface: Video Allegedly Shows Him Shooting At Man in Truck

She said: “Don’t be surprised when I receive another chain with his face, or another tattoo to my cheek. What? What’s up? I’m riding, I’m sliding. What are you talking about?”

Blueface was detained at Clark County Detention Center prior to making his appearance in the court the following Wednesday (November 16). Blueface was freed from the custody of police the following day (November 17) under a $50,000 bail.