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Bobby Shmurda once mistook Klay Thompson with an inmate from his prison running into Klay Thompson, the former multiple NBA champion.

On the most recent installment of N.O.R.E. along with DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast The “Shmoney” rapper was discussing the celebrities he’s had contact with since his release from prison in February and his latest meeting with Golden State Warriors sharp-shooter was an event to remember.

“Deadass I have met basketball players and I’m not even aware that they’re players. I’ll give you some hilarious stories, and you’ll likely start crying with laughter,” Bobby said. “This isn’t just a joke. I had the pleasure of meeting Klay Thompson in the past; how come I thought that this n-gga was involved in Clinton together with me?”

N.O.R.E. laughed as Bobby revealed that he had called his Warriors star, assuming that he was as someone he had been in prison together during his six-year time at the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York.

“I’m thinking, ‘Yo, I’ve got this n-gga someplace! ‘” he continued. “Bro came to me and said”You dumbass n’gga, it’s Klay Thompson. I’m thinking”Who, Klay Thompson? The N-gga looks differently on television. I’m like”Bro, I don’t have a lot of time watching television like that. I’m in the streets, I’m poor. ‘”

As per Bobby, Thompson didn’t take offence at the misidentification and had a sense humor over it. “He laughed! He said”Yo, don’t be worried, Bobby,'” Shmurda remembered. “‘Cause it’s true that I’m in the streets, I know anything about TV and nothing else. I’m the one who has the money”, n-gga.”

This isn’t the only occasion that Klay Thompson has interacted with rappers. In the last month, Thompson presented fans with an DM which he got by Lil Uzi Vert after Thompson called his fellow Philadelphia native his top artist.

“This made my year Real recognize real S/o my ninja lil uzi,” Klay posted on her Instagram Story.

The DM was sent after Thompson posted a picture on Instagram that showed a dancer breaking on an NBA hardcourt, which was followed by his own less-than-stellar dance moves. “lil uzi my favorite rapper and You Got Served was really my moving growing up,” Thompson added in his caption alongside a teary face and dancer Emojis.

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Bobby Shmurda, on the contrary, is coming from a sour meal in Atlanta. In an Instagram video posted recently posted on his account, The Brooklyn rapper expressed his displeasure with an unsavory Jamaican dish that he had eaten and then blasted the place the dish came from.

“Fuck outta here ATL,” the rapper began his angry rant. “What do you think of this? I’d never go to this place. What is water. The oxtails had water inside the carcass of an oxtail as well as beans and rice… It’s disgusting shit. You’ll have to go to New York for some muthafuckin”Ras food. If you think this is the case you can’t have an n-gga in this.”