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Boosie Badazz has seemingly responded to Wack 100 threatening to beat him up amid allegations of B.G. being a snitch.

Boosie fired up another theatrical Instagram Live session on Wednesday (December 27) and claimed he has no opps. Without putting a name on it, he also dared those to tempt his dark side.


“I ain’t worried about nobody,” he said. “I ain’t got no opps. I ain’t even got no opps no more. I’m in the city where everybody love me. Well, not everybody. I don’t got no problems nowhere I go. I ain’t in no beef with no n-ggas. Life is great.

“I ain’t got no opps. When I got opps, it’s bad for a lot of people. It’s not gon’ be a good day. I be everywhere by myself. Enjoying my life…I have my n-ggas with me mostly, sometimes. I ain’t go no opps. Life is great. N-ggas don’t want me to turn into a maniac.”


In a separate IG Live, Boosie defended B.G. while going at “3 finger Wack,” saying: “How the fuck a n-gga snitch? He done 13 years, 14 years? Get the fuck out of here.”

Watch the clips below.

Boosie Badazz and Wack 100’s feud ignited week when the music executive called B.G. a rat and threatened to beat “the dog shit” out of Boosie during a Clubhouse conversation earlier this week.

“Why Boosie mad at me? Didn’t he call [Birdman’s brother] Gangster a rat based off paperwork?” Wack said. “So, he mad at me ’cause I called B.G. a rat ’cause we got the paperwork.


“I will beat the fuck out of you, Boosie. You know me in real life. You weigh about 117 pounds. I will beat the dog shit out of you, boy. I will catch you.”

B.G. was released from prison in September after spending more than a decade behind bars. He pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a firearm and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice back in December 2011.

B.G. Dismisses Snitching Allegations: ‘What’s Understood Don’t Need To Be Explained’

B.G. Dismisses Snitching Allegations: ‘What’s Understood Don’t Need To Be Explained’

Boosie might be leaving some coal in Wack’s stocking, but he played Santa Claus to the fullest for his family as he spent approximately $50,000 on their Christmas gifts.

“I bought seven Rolexes for seven of my aunties,” he said in a video posted to social media. “I done gave away like $50,000 to all my family. I love my family, man. Everybody got $500 to $1,000. All my aunties got Rollies, my mama got diamond chain, bag, money.


“I love my aunties. My aunties used to watch me, and I was a bitch-ass child, bro. My aunties took care of me, bro. I wish my Auntie Jean was here. Memories, man. Memories more important than anything.”

The Baton Rouge rapper went on to explain that “nobody got missed,” and that if he did in fact miss someone, they’d get $400 in cash.