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Cam’ron has never been too shy to shoot his shot, and he recently recalled a hilarious story of when he tried to holler at Halle Berry right before he shot to fame.

Appearing as a guest on a recent episode of the All the Smoke podcast, published on Thursday (December 21), the Dipset leader broke down the ’90s moment in Los Angeles when he tried to bag the X-Men actor — and how it came full circle with actor Larenz Tate years later.


“I love Halle Berry right? So one day [when] I had [recently] gotten a record deal, I had just finished playing basketball in LA,” Killa began. “I’m at the ATM and n-ggas is like, ‘Yo that’s Halle Berry next to you!’ I ain’t got no haircut, I got no shirt on. I’m like, ‘Yo, let me talk to you real quick!’ She’s like, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no. You have to relax.’ I’m like ‘Hear me out! Hear me out.’ So she walking to her car mad fast and I’m following her and I had a cassette tape.”

He continued: “My promo was cassette tapes at the time before CDs came out. So I’m like, ‘At least let me just give you my tape!’ So she rolled her window down [a tiny bit]. There was a n-gga in the passenger seat laid back. I slid the shit through there and gave her my promotional tape. It wasn’t my album. It was one of them shits where it got the snippet songs on there. So I gave her that shit.


“So like six years later I’m platinum and all this other shit. I’m at the American Music Awards and I’m in there with mad n-ggas. Nelly in there, Tyson Beckford, Larenz Tate. All these people coming up to me like, ‘Cam! I love you!’ Larenz Tate was like, ‘Yo my n-gga, I fuck with you. You one of my favorite for years. You know that was me in the passenger seat with Halle when you slid that joint in there.’ I was like, ‘That was you my n-gga?!’

Watch the hilarious clip below:

Halle Berry isn’t the only superstar actor Cam’ron has had his sights on. Earlier this month, the It Is What It Is host got to meet his longtime crush Nia Long at a party after he had previously [and unsuccessfully] slid in her DMs.

After photos the pair partying at Rich Paul’s 42nd birthday party went viral, Killa detailed the night on his sports talk show.

Cam’ron Hitting On Joe Smith’s Wife On-Air ‘Bothers Me A Lot,’ Ballplayer Says

Cam’ron Hitting On Joe Smith’s Wife On-Air ‘Bothers Me A Lot,’ Ballplayer Says

“I’m not with Nia,” Cam clarified off the bat, saying that he was introduced to her through a mutual friend. “She was very, very cool […] She says, ‘You’re funny. You’re hilarious.’”

He even recalled asking the Love Jones star about sliding into her DMs, to which she apparently responded: “Now that was fly.”


After laughing off rumors that the meeting was contrived by LeBron James as a dig at Ime Udoka, who recently clashed with the Lakers star and used to be in a relationship with Long, the “Hey Ma” hitmaker once again clarified that nothing happened between him and Nia.

He did, however, admit: “She did not give me her number. I actually gave her my number, but she didn’t give me hers. We have not spoke.”