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Cam’ron was nearly been left speechless after hearing that Ma$e tried on some of Kim Kardashian’s new SKIMS line for men.

In an episode of It Is What It Isearlier this week, SKIMS was made a topic of discussion as Kim K’s shapewear line struck a partnership with the NBA.


The co-hosts didn’t have much to say until Ma$e admitted he enjoyed the fit of the SKIMS tanktop for men after having one t-shirt sent his way.

“I’m not gon’ lie, when I put the SKIMS tank top on, my ribs stopped hurting so shout-out to SKIMS,” Murda said. “I wouldn’t wear it, wear it but somebody sent it to me and I wanted to see. It wasn’t the one-piece, it was just the tank top.”


Cam was disappointed to hear Ma$e supporting the SKIMS line but held his tongue as he didn’t want the internet to come after him for bullying.

“I’m not gon’ say nothing because every time I say something, I’m bullying,” Cam said. “I’m Cam take it too far. I make somebody’s blog, I make somebody’s morning show. Myself, I’m not gonna talk about SKIMS three times in one week. If SKIMS helps your ribs out, fine.

“I talk about SKIMS then I talk about Kim Kardashian then n-ggas go, ‘Oh, Kim went too far that week.’”

Watch the clip below starting shortly after the 51-minute mark:

This only lasted for about a minute as eventually Cam gave in and voiced his opinion that an agenda is being pushed in the NBA and they wanted to compete with the NFL and their Taylor Swift wall-to-wall coverage.

“Fuck it, let’s do it,” he said while refusing to censor himself. “They pushing an agenda in the NBA, man. There’s agendas being pushed. They see what’s going on with Taylor Swift in the NFL, who could we get here?


“Now we got Kim and Taylor in the top two sports in America and it’s a Kim Kardashian situation in the NBA and a Taylor Swift situation in the NFL.

“Do you know that the Kansas City Chiefs and maybe we’ll talk about this on Sunday or Monday when we come back next week. But I want to bring this stat up.

“When Taylor Swift is in attendance, the Chiefs are 4-0 and Travis Kelce is averaging 108 yards per game. When she’s not there, they’re 2-2 and he’s averaging 50 yards per game.”

Cam'ron Hints At Adding Former NBA Star To 'It Is What It Is' Lineup

Cam’ron Hints At Adding Former NBA Star To ‘It Is What It Is’ Lineup

Cam feels as if the NFL is milking the situation while Kim Kardashian is dealing with the entire NBA.

After Cardi B modeled the latest women’s SKIMS collection, Kardashian rolled out the first-ever men’s SKIMS collection last month with some help from athletes modeling the looks like NBA star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, San Francisco 49er Nick Bosa and Soccer phenom Neymar.


The men’s collection is currently on sale but a three-pack of boxer briefs will cost $46 for the Kardashian-loving male in your life while a three-pack of Ma$e’s tank tops is going for $68.