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Case Arnold – Tequila Diaries🍾🥂🍹🍷 Ft. Bryant Taylorr & Ron Gilmore [Official Music Video]

We have been rocking with Case Arnold for a few years now and his style is like wine it just get better with age. He recently blessed us with some new lyrical, soul-heat to the hip-hop masses along with Bryant Taylorr and Ron Gilmore. 

This track was well worth the wait, hopefully in the near future we get a full project from these guys, would be very interesting to see and listen too….

Check out our write-up below….

Tequila Diaries is a laid-back, late-night anthem about the good times and bad that come with chasing your dreams. The song features the smooth vocals of Case Arnold and Bryant Taylorr’s immaculate voice on the hook alongside the hard-hitting production of Ron Gilmore Jr., three of Tennessee’s most talented hip-hop artists.

The song opens with Arnold reflecting on his past mistakes and regrets. He sings about the times he’s let his emotions get the best of him and the choices he’s made that he wishes he could take back. But even though he’s made some mistakes, he’s not giving up on his dreams. He’s determined to keep chasing them, even if it means taking some risks.

The song’s beat is slow and steady, with a smooth, funky groove. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a night out with friends, letting loose and having some fun. But the song’s lyrics also have a deeper meaning, exploring the themes of self-reflection, redemption, and hope.
Tequila Diaries is a song about the journey of life, the ups and downs, the mistakes and the lessons learned. It’s a song for anyone who’s ever felt lost or alone, but who’s still determined to keep moving forward.


Directed by: Ron Gilmore, Case Arnold, 3am, and ALL3Y3Z

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It’s the perfect soundtrack for a night out with friends, letting loose and having some fun. – FADED4U
Written by Tony for FADED4U
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