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By now, the Charli XCX garage is well appointed, with bubblegum-pink Ferraris and lavender Lamborghinis, plus the titular Porsche and White Mercedes. In the new music video for “Speed Drive,” her cut from the Barbie soundtrack, Charli adds a new car to the canon: a bedazzled pink corvette convertible piloted by influencer and phone-case mogul Devon Lee Carlson.

In addition to all these XCX staples, the “Speed Drive” vid also has a surprise appearance from Sam Smith. In a bit of meta-humor, the filming of the video breaks for Charli to take a call from Smith (their ringtone is an 8-bit version of “Vroom Vroom“), who asks if she’s “had a chance to listen to the new mix.” A potential collab on the horizon? Nothing’s been officially announced, but the clip feels like a clear hint of things to come.