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Check Out This New Track OMG by Creative Kidz on FADED4U.COM

From the heart of the United Kingdom, the electrifying rhythms of house music pulsate, beating out an irresistible dancefloor call that’s heard around the world. Amid the scores of artists and music producers, a two-person team stands out from the crowd: Creative Kidz.

Pioneering an innovative fusion of electronic sounds and rhythms, Creative Kidz is a breath of fresh air in the house music scene. The team consists of a versatile vocalist and a skilled producer and DJ, and together they have crafted a signature sound that’s as fresh as it is energetic. Their music maintains a pulse that ensures the energy on the dance floor never drops, a feature that has quickly made them a favorite among club-goers worldwide.

Their newest release, “OMG”, exemplifies this distinctive style. Bursting with energy and epic moods, the track has rapidly found its way into the hearts of listeners and seems to encapsulate the spirit of Creative Kidz perfectly. Check out the single on Spotify or wherever you stream music online.


Behind the Beats: An Interview with Creative Kidz

When asked about their journey into music, the duo cited inspiration from a number of artists. They including Mabel, Becky Hill, Nathan Dawe, and Jack Jones. Their journey began around five years ago. It started with the shared passion for electronic dance music propelling them into production and performance.

The path to success hasn’t been without its challenges, however. As with many artists in today’s digital age, one of the biggest struggles for Creative Kidz is reaching as broad an audience as possible, ensuring their music is streamed and heard globally.

Despite the challenges, there’s no shortage of satisfaction. When asked about their favorite project, they didn’t hesitate to name their hit single “Sunrise” as a standout in their creative repertoire.

Their creative process is a testament to their synergy. Michael, the band’s producer, begins with a simple motif on the piano, layering and expanding until an instrumental base is formed. Anna, the band’s vocalist, then steps in, penning lyrics inspired by whatever theme is resonating with her at the time.

This collaborative approach led to the creation of their song “OMG”. With themes of self-confidence, freedom, and unabashed youthfulness, “OMG” encapsulates the feeling of partying until dawn, living life to the fullest, and celebrating one’s own skin.