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Dame Dash has yet again spoken out on Kanye West‘s recent conduct that has resulted in the producer and rapper receiving massive public criticism.

Ye faced criticism in October, after making several anti-Semitic remarks on social media as well as in numerous interview segments — including the notorious drinking Champschat. There was also a ruckus when he donned an “White Lives Matter” T-shirt at Paris Fashion Week.

The fallout has caused some of the businesses which he’s worked with previously to cut ties with the company, such as Balenciaga, Vogue, Def Jam, and adidas. Removing him from the latter resulted in the net worth of his company to suffer a major drop. In the words of Forbes the former president’s $1.9 billion wealth fell to $400 million, according to Forbes..

Dame Dash has now commented on his former friend and singer’s current situation she has told a group emerging entrepreneurs that having contact with Ye right now can be “draining” and that people should be more concerned about his health and wellbeing than the things he claims.

“You think big brother turns off?” Dash declared in the video recorded from AllHipHop in response to an inquiry about whether he sees himself as a big sibling and helping Kanye through his current dilemma. “Yeah I’m in contact with him. It’s draining. But, as you’re aware the man is bipolar. It’s easy to forget this. No matter how wealthy your wealth is, but if suffer from a chemical imbalance, you’ll say some bizarre things.

“Anybody have a bipolar friend? They don’t go before a camera and then put them in a residence or in a hospital … you’ll make up the most bizarre statements when you’re in a state of trigger when there’s an imbalance of chemicals or when you’re exhausted. It’s like being drunk. However I’ve got a connection with him. Yes, I speak to him, and I attempt to. It’s a painful experience to watch people with bipolar disorder with millions and a lot of people who aren’t interested, it’s not an effective formula.”

The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder made the remarks while he was the special participant during Young Entrepreneurz Solutions’ ‘YES National Business Plan Challenge on St. Croix this week during which he presented his latest film Prince of Detroit.

Dash added: “People should be more concerned about his health, rather than concerned about what he’s saying. He’s already admitted the bipolar disorder was present, and being in a straitjacket before errbody. What is the reason you should take a listener’s advice from someone who is bipolar, when they claim to be have bipolar disorder?

“Before Kanye says something that’s or triggers him and triggering, he frames it as something like, ‘I’m tired. If you know what is required to get Kanye to say that he’s is tired, he must be a tad dreaming. He don’t sleep. I’m going to be telling you. You know, he’s has been through it. However, I’m mad at people who aren’t concerned regarding his wellbeing. One man will tell you that they’re sick, and then starts acting sick, because the rich people listen to him like there’s no way to know. That’s that. However, it’s sad that this is happening.”

The incident isn’t the first moment that Dame Dash has commented on Kanye West’s recent public outbursts. In January, he shared similar thoughts while he was invited to be a guest on the Kick Game‘s shoe shopping show.

Kanye West Claims He Was ‘Mentally Misdiagnosed & Nearly Drugged Out Of My Mind’

“He’s my brother,” he declared. “[We do not talk] often to each other – except when he’s in need and when I’m concerned about him. What do you consider? I’m concerned about the guy. N-gga, can I ask you a question? Is he bipolar Did he inform you of that? If you have checked off the boxes for bipolar are you sure he is acting this way? Then put it aside.”

He continued: “Worry about his health in the event that you’re concerned in any way. I’m just saying regardless of what you think he’s saying, that’s just the way that he’s expressing it. No matter what the guy is saying, I would like to see him live his life to the fullest. You’re concerned about the wrong shit.

“If you suspect that a man is suffering from a health issue and you suspect that he’s taking a look at the boxes for the signs of this issue, why would you consider him to be a person who isn’t an issue? This isn’t logical.”