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Dave Chappelle has denounced Kanye West‘s recent antisemitic statements as well as allegedly co-signing some Jewish stereotypes.

Chappelle was seen stepping out to perform the third time for his Saturday Night Live opening monologue to the first notes from Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness,” which Ye famously used in “Otis,” the second single from Watch The Throne. Then, he read out a written statement deploring antisemitism , before devoting half of the set’s 15 minutes to Kanye’s current plight.

“I probably been doing this 35 years now,” Dave Chappelle joked, setting the tone for the events to come. “And at the beginning of my professional career, I discovered it is true that two English words exist that are in the English language that you should never use in a sequence. These words are ‘the’ and ‘Jews. I’ve never witnessed anyone do anything good after having used those words.”

Chappelle continued to claim that he could only recall what Ye’s antisemitic outbursts started before describing how he reacted to the tweet that eventually result in the rapper losing his Twitter account. Donda singer the Twitter profile he had created..

In the typical Chappelle style the monologue featured an encapsulation of current and poignant commentary as well as funny jokes, such as the comedian recalling his peers in high school to explain why Jewish individuals “dress like Run-DMC;” or when he jokingly said “Ironically, Adidas was founded by Nazis. In the event, they were offended.”

Chappelle stated in clear and unambiguous terms that he wouldn’t be standing in solidarity with Kanye West and his team in this instance like he did in aftermath of other scandals, Chappelle’s speech seemed to decry his assertion that Ye has made antisemitic comments while suggesting that the remarks the rapper in question has made regarding the Jewish group of people in Hollywood specifically could not be bogus.

“It’s just the rules of perception,” Dave Chappelle declared, after claiming Kanye “broke the rules.” Kanye “broke the rule.” “If they’re Black is an group. If they’re Italian or Italian, then they’re the mob. If they’re Jewish it’s just a coincidence , and you shouldn’t discuss it.”

Chappelle moved from his thoughts on Kanye West to his comments about Kyrie Irving’s recent issues. He was able to express some support for Kyrie Irving. NBA star, claiming that Kyrie’s conditions for his return to the court which were set by Brooklyn Nets, were excessive.

“That’s where I draw the line,” Dave Chappelle declared. “I am aware that there are many Jewish people have suffered terrible experiences all over the globe, but that doesn’t mean you have to blame it to Black Americans. It’s impossible. Because Kyrie Irving’s Black ass wasn’t even close to the Holocaust. He’s sure if it ever existed.”

In addition to calling the notion the idea that “Jews run Hollywood” a falsehood, Chappelle also said, “It’s not an insane thing to consider. However, it’s an absurd thing to speak about in this moment.”

Although he did not mention the controversy that was a part of the 2021 Netflix special The Closer Dave Chappelle concluded his monologue by discussing the political climate comedians such as him have claimed is affecting their work.

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“It should not be this difficult to speak. Anything,” he said in closing. “It’s making my job extremely complicated. To be honest me, I’m bored of speaking to a crowd this way. I love you beyond belief and thank you for your love and support. I’m sure they won’t ever take anything away from me. Whatever they’re.”