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Did Jay-Z Drop Lizzo From Super Bowl Halftime Show? Because of Lizzo’s current allegations by her dancers. She may not be performing in this year’s Super Bowl half-time performance. Speculations are swirling around concerning Jay-Z giving Lizzo the axe. Keep in mind these are rumors at this point. Nothing has been publicly disclosed at this time.

Jay-Z Excludes Lizzo, Stirring Controversy in Super Bowl Halftime Show

Did Jay-Z Drop Lizzo From Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Bossip said Lizzo has been released as “a front-runner for the 2024 Super Bowl.”

The decision to exclude Lizzo is because of the ongoing allegations by her dancers of sexual harassment.

And some allegations against Lizzo are now starting to hurt her career.

We can expect to see more fallout as the allegations progress.

However, we should keep in mind these are allegations that could change.

Especially if Lizzo wins the lawsuit from her former dancers.

The damage had already been done.

Her fanbase and music enthusiasts are now searching for answers and are left flabbergasted.

Many women felt empowered by Lizzo’s body-positive message.

But now the message may be blurred if Lizzo can not recover from these allegations.

Lizzo seemed like an obvious choice for such a high-profile event.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

jay vs lizzo

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