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DJ Akademiks Is Upset With Charlemagne & Gilli.  And DJ Akademiks blasted Wallo for not bringing him on their podcasts. The popular hip-hop commentator and host of the “Off the Record” podcast has recently expressed frustration with fellow podcasters. Known for his no-holds-barred opinions, Akademiks has been involved in several disputes with these personalities, leading to a widening rift in the podcasting community. Let’s delve into the details of these podcast disputes and Akademiks’ discontent.

DJ Akademiks’ Frustration: Podcast Disputes with Charlemagne, Gillie, and Wallo

DJ Akademiks Is Upset With Charlemagne & Gillie.

One of the primary sources of DJ Akademiks’ frustration stems from his ongoing beef with Charlemagne.

Who co-hosts the highly popular “The Breakfast Club” morning show.

Ak said he was connected with Gillie and Wallo via Wack 100 during his live stream.

He thought they had a good relationship.

Especially since he has been generous with allowing the “The Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” co-hosts to come on his show.

He accuses his fellow podcasters of not interviewing him, as stated by Hip Hop DX.

It’s been several months that AK has been trying to get on TMDWOG podcast, but to no avail.

This feud escalated, and AK took to social media to air his grievances.

Also, AK is aiming for Charlamagne for the same reason, as stated by Vlad TV.

Charlemagne is allegedly ignoring AK’s request to be interviewed on TBC.

Thus far, neither Charlamagne, Gillie, nor Wallo has responded to AK’s allegations.

Furthermore, not being asked to interview his fellow podcasters should not offend Ak.

After all, they are all in a genre where competition rules.

Also, who said Ak must be invited to any popular podcasts?

Having said this, perhaps Ak should focus on his issues with his former guests.

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