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DJ Khaled offered fans a little more than they have imagined when footage from an upcoming basketball-themed photo shoot became viral.

Over the course of the weekend, the fans were talking about the appearance Khaled’s Miami, Florida native showed off in an video to promote his latest Nike Air Jordan 5 DJ Khaled Crimson Blass collaboration. In the video, Khaled can be seen playing basketball in the brand new pair of kicks , before going for an slam-dunk.

DJ Khaled was successful in his dunk , however, when he jumped and gravity prevailed his shirt slid upwards to expose his butt fracture in front of the cameras. Fans were not thrilled to see Khaled’s backside , and made it known on social media.

“Seeing dj khaled doing a slam dunk with his crack out is not something i ever wanted to see,” one user tweeted while another wrote: “Dj khaled you wrong for having yo ass crack out like that.”

Someone else put their graphic design talents to work and created Khaled’s dunk the logo of the NBA by tweeting: “I made @djkhaled the @NBA logo because WE THE BEST.”

While some people were enjoying all the humor, others were really upset about DJ Khaled’s crack in his butt appearing. One person suggested that Khaled concentrate to sell his sneakers rather than making a fool of himself to attract interest.

“DJ Khaled just pissed me tf off,” the fan wrote on Twitter. “I don’t want to witness his butt cracking from three different angles. Sell the shoes, bro. It’s not necessary to go around hopping around in a smh.”

If that wasn’t enough publicity for his latest sneakers, DJ Khaled showed off his new kicks during a game for his home town Miami Heat took on the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday (November 12). We The Best We The Best boss had his courtside seating, but he was greeted with a unique satin cushion for resting on his brand Nike Air Jordan 5’s.

Khaled took the maintenance of his sneakers to a new height with the cushion and announcers were able to ridicule him for trying to prevent his kicks off the ground.

The Air Jordan 5 x DJ Khaled Crimson Bliss is scheduled to be released on November 28, for $225. The shoes will also be part of the greater “We The Best” collection which comes with a range of clothing and accessories.

DJ Khaled Airballs 3-Pointer During Miami Heat Playoff Game

DJ Khaled first revealed the collaboration in the month of April. He also revealed showing three different colors that appear to be exclusive to friends and family. Khaled was also given an approval stamp from Kanye West after showing him a few samples earlier in the year.

“I like the colors for Miami,” Ye told me when he visited the 305 to make the music of Khaled at his home. “Oh those joints are beautiful too. The colors are gorgeous I love the tones and the shit.”