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Druski New Sports Agency Signs Princley Umanmielen. In a significant coup for Druski 4Lifers Sports Agency is representing NFL’s potential draft pick. Umanmielen signed a substantial deal with the social media comedian.  This partnership is set to catapult both Umanmielen’s career and Druski Sports Agency’s reputation to new heights.

Druski Sports Agency Lands Major Deal: Signs Princley Umanmielen

Druski New Sports Agency Signs Princley Umanmielen.

4Lifers is Druski’s new Sports Agency, which he recently opened.

Now, Druski can combine his two passions,  as stated by Vibe.

Princely Umanmielen is the first athlete signed to 4Lifers.

Currently, Umanmielen is considered to be one of the best in college football.

So, this was an excellent choice for Druski’s sports agency.

Also, Umanmielen will get royal treatment as he enters his NFL career.

That is if, Umanmielen is drafted into the NFL soon.

It is not often that a sports agency can focus on new talent.

In this case, 4Lifers can give Umanmielen their undivided attention.

The signing represents a significant milestone for both Umanmielen and Druski.

Umanmielen and Druski shared the news on social media, according to AfroTech.

With various agencies vying for his attention, Umanmielen carefully considered his options before choosing Druski.

Druski Sports Agency is equally thrilled about the new addition to their roster.

The signing of Princley Umanmielen by Druski marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for both parties involved.

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