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 Fall into Radiance: Transform Your Skincare Routine with Omy’s Seasonal Adaptations

As the season changes, so should your skincare routine. Did you know that Omy Laboratoires, an eco-responsible Canadian skincare company that formulates personalized skincare products, adapts their clients’ skincare formula when requested?

Autumn brings its share of challenges to the skin, such as dryness, itchiness and loss of luminosity which are particularly due to climatic changes. That’s why Omy is thrilled to offer refills for the Personalized Serum, Day Cream and Night Cream. All components of the refill system are recyclable, including the reusable bottle and pump.

3 Additional Omy Lab. products to add to your fall skincare routine:

  1. BHA Active Foam Cleanser – $29.99

A must-have when the temps. start to drop. Containing BHAs, antioxidants from Goji berry extract and probiotic technology providing gentle exfoliation to deeply cleanse, remove makeup and boost the skin’s glow and radiance.


  1. Tri-Exfoliating Mask – $49.99

Using a gentle keratolytic product once a week during the autumn months can help unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. The mask effortlessly removes dead cells to deeply unclog and diminish the appearance of pigmentation spots and imperfections, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and restore skin radiance.


  1. Pure Oil – 5% Vitamin C + Squalane – $59.99

The fall weather can cause your skin to be dull and lack-luster. The Omy Pure Oil is formulated with Vitamin C, an ingredient known for its skin brightening properties.

For more information about Omy Laboratoires and their personalized skincare products, please visit their website.