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Falynn Pina Talks Porsha and Simon, Jaylan’s ‘Groomer’ allegations, domestic violence, missing Simon’s money, and more.

The latest Baller Alert Show is here! This time ex-RHOA star Falynn Pina joins the cast to discuss her ex-husband Simon and former co-star Porsha’s relationship, her ex Jaylan’s grooming allegations and his alleged physical abuse, missing Simon’s money and more. 

Watch the full episode below.

Highlights from the episode include:

3:21 – On whether Porsha was her friend

“We were cool. We met through [Real Housewives of Atlanta.] We would hang out after wrapping. We would hang out on our own time, private time. She’d be at my house. It wasn’t like were besties braiding each other’s hair, but she’d be at my house.”

3:55 – On how she met Simon

“It was a blind date. I thought he was a chef when I met him. I had no idea. We went to restaurants and people would just come out like ‘you want some free food?’ I’m like who is this guy?”

5:02 – Learning Simon was dating Porsha

“I found out the same time all of you guys did, on social media. I think it was Dennis who posted the pictures congratulating her on her next chapter…. What I was thinking was how long was this going on for y’all to be engaged?”

5:42 – Simon cheating on her

“I was with him for 5 years. There was times he was sleeping with assistant and I forgave him. And then a couple other women, there was speculation that came forward and I forgave him, y’know as women usually do. I can’t say that I didn’t ever get my lick back. I wasn’t Ms. Innocent.”

8:40 – Marriage falling apart with Simon

“I dont really know. Literally one day I was the happiest girl in the world and the next morning he was just gone. He was mentally checked out.”

9:53 – Meeting Jaylan and him becoming her assistant

“He was my friend first. We would just always bump into each other being out in Atlanta.”

“Covid hit, then he lost his job. So I was like well, ‘I’m sitting on money, come and work for me.'”

15:20 – On what she was left with following divorce with Simon

“I signed a prenup. We had two houses together. He sold them, so I received from that. My separation check. I was still fine. And I had a really good allowance that I was sitting on. I had a monthly allowance. $10,000.”

17:00 – On whether she misses Simon

“I miss the money. I just miss not having to worry about building my own cause sometimes we have our lazy days.”

19:17 – Alleged domestic violence she experienced from Jaylan

“It got to a point where, he was putting his hands on me and we weren’t even together anymore. He just got made one day cause he found out I was dating. We were still living together cause we were still trying to figure out how to separate everything. When he found out that I finally was like moving on, taking those steps towards seeing other people. I’ll never forget it, he came home it was 4 in the morning, he came busting in the door and choked me out.”

21:27 – On Jaylan’s groomer allegations

“A groomer is someone who’s much other. I’m nine years older, but I get it, cool, I’m older. But there’s something to groom you for, there was nothing to groom you for, I did everything… That’s why I made the t-shirt, cause I’m like while we’re out here lying let me go ahead and make some type of clap back because I don’t think that grooming is very funny at all. I was actually groomed. I was with someone 30 years older than me and would use my youth and everything like that and manipulate me.”



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