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Fat Joe has revealed the names of two rappers he’d bring back to the light if he could, but not in the interest of collaborations with musicians.

In his most recent interview during his recent appearance on the Red Table Talk, Joe answered questions from a small group of viewers, one of them asked if there was anyone that he would like to bring back to his life.

“If it’s just music, it would be Biggie and Big Pun,” Fat Joe said. “Oh my god they died too young. They were my dear family as well as my brothers. My greatest time in my time was the moment I found Pun and we went through the whole world together.

“Biggie was my brother since day one too,” he said. “Such a gorgeous man. He wasn’t forced to die. It’s very sad.”

Fat Joe’s connection along with Big Pun developed after Terror Squad boss, who was a Big Pun fan, discovered his late Puerto Rican rapper and welcomed Big Pun to appear on the track “Watch Out,” from the album he released in 1995 “Jealous One’s Envy”. In an IG Live chat that he had with Timbaland along with Swizz Beatz in the year 2012, Joe shared that his relationship with Biggie nearly led them to make an project together.

In the past season, Fat Joe also revealed that he was the one behind Bone Thugs N’ Harmony‘s participation on Biggie’s “Notorious Thugs,” according to a report Layzie Bone also confirmed.

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The Two famous New York Hip Hop legends did not get the chance to collaborate before their tragic deaths, Big Pun was featured in the track “Get Your Grind On” from Biggie’s posthumous collection Duets: The Last Chapter. The track begins with an interview, in which Pun said that he’d dreamed of singing a duet with Big on the roof of heaven.

“Fat Joe’s” red Table Talk interview was timed to coincide with the launch the memoir The Book of Jose The Book of Jose, which is scheduled to be released in November.

During the conversation, Fat Joe also revealed details of the private conversation he held in a private conversation with Kanye West just after the Yeezy mogul found his feet in boiling water for his anti-Semitic stances.

“I’ll share with you something. I stayed up all evening mulling over the things he said and I thought”Oh, damn. He really got it right this time around,'” Joe said of Ye’s remarks. “And I was thinking about the incident and how Ye hurt people by his words and comments. He was really adamant about saying some awful things. This morning, as I was getting to work, I walked out of my hotel. The door was unlocked and there was Kanye West standing there by himself.”