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Fat Joe has revisited his past feud with 50 Cent and G-Unit while giving props to Tony Yayo for having the number one Drink Champs interview of 2023.

Yayo posted on Instagram on Thursday (December 28) that his appearance on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN‘s acclaimed podcast had been crowned the top episode of the year, achieving over 60 million views across all platforms.


“Numbers don’t lie @therealnoreaga said we did 60 million on this interview new year new podcast coming soon. Shout to @whoscrazy @starrockent and the whole drink champs staff,” Yayo wrote in his caption.

An unexpected commenter on the post was former G-Unit adversary Fat Joe, who said: “You deserve that, our era is still the most engaging we really had wars.”

Tony Yayo, who was no stranger to beef in the ’00s due to his association with 50 Cent and G-Unit, has previously said that the group’s “realest” beef was with Fat Joe and Terror Squad.

The feud between the two crews erupted after Joe collaborated with Ja Rule, who G-Unit were already beefing with. Things reaching a boiling point at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards where disses were exchanged on stage and violence almost erupted backstage.


In a video posted on Instagram in April, Yayo was with Terror Squad member Pistol Pete when they discussed their feud.

In the clip, Yayo says: “Yo, the realest beef was with Terror Squad. He was a real n-gga, I gotta give it up. The realest beef was with Fat Joe and them. We outside.”


During his aforementioned Drink Champs interview, Yayo discussed an incident with DJ Khaled in 2005, claiming the DJ/mogul refused to shake his hand because of the G-Unit-Terror Squad beef.

“I had ‘[So] Seductive’ dropping. I didn’t know nothing about the music business. We beefing with [Fat Joe],” Yayo recalled. “You fuck with Fat Joe, Khaled ain’t fucking with you.

Fat Joe Reveals How 50 Cent Beef Cost Him $20M

Fat Joe Reveals How 50 Cent Beef Cost Him $20M

“I got my record I’m trying to promote, so they like, ‘Yo, you gotta got to Miami … You gotta go to DJ Khaled’ … I said, ‘Yo bro, I don’t think this is a good idea, man.’ It’s the industry bro, they’ll set you up!”

He continued: “So we go up there. I told these n-ggas, ‘Yo, don’t take me to DJ Khaled. Fat Joe, that’s his man. He damn near Terror Squad.’”


Tony Yayo then claimed that DJ Khaled pretended to shake his hand before yelling out his trademark “DJ Khaled” tagline and telling him to get the “fuck outta here.”

“Go in there, you see the wedge bulging,” he continued. “Oh boy, here we go. We wasn’t traveling light. I’m not gon’ say much, but we wasn’t traveling light. Go to Khaled to shake his hand — ‘DJ Khaled, get the fuck outta here!’


Khaled later confirmed the story, saying: “That was when we were younger. He did come shake my hand. I told him, ‘I can’t do that.’ I just told him I couldn’t do it.

“Yeah, I just couldn’t shake his hand at that moment. And Joe will tell you, I was the guy saying, ‘We don’t need no problems with those guys. We don’t need no problems with nobody.’”

He added: “Everybody’s all love now. I have no problem with nobody. I wanna make that clear. I love everyone.”