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Fat Joe believes that he was taken advantage of was his very first Grammy Award by Chance The Rapper in the year 2017.

Joey Crack and Remy Ma’s “All the Way Up” collaboration with French Montana was nominated for the Best Rap Performance at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, but was beaten out by Chance’s Coloring Book song “No Problem” featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz..

The track was also in the running with the competition for Best Rap Song, which was awarded with Drake’s summer hit “Hotline Bling.”

In an interview recently in the magazine GQ, Fat Joe stated his opinion of the notion that “All the Way Up” could have been awarded the prize in place of “No Problem.” The 52-year-old rapper said that he does not have any animosity towards Chance The Rapper, but stated that his song did not have the same impact on the culture that Remy’s.

“I should have won the Grammy for Best Rap Performance 2017,” Joe clearly declared. “Chance is a great person. However, the Grammy could have gone to me. “All the Way Up” was more powerful. It wasn’t just that when people were aware of the tradition, Remy and I were the same as Robin Hood and Cinderella. It would have been possible to do us an favor by giving “All the Way Up,’ the most fuckin’ Grammy. You understand?

“They gave the record an opportunity to Chance the Rapper and for whatpurpose? I’m not intending to disrespect anyone and all, but they gave the album to him to make an album I have any idea about. That’s my argument. I’m not even sure the exact reason he beat us. Do you understand?”

Joe Joe, whose “Lean Back” hit similarly was beaten out by The black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started” in the Best Rap Performance by the Duo or Group award at 2005 Grammys said: “We came out of the prison. We did it. It’s a wonder. It was their job to say”You know what? Let’s give the underdogs Grammys.”

The Bronx rapper initially responded to the Grammys losing by sharing what many considered to be a rude tribute towards Chance The Rapper Instagram. “I hear you gotta sell it to snatch the Grammy!” He wrote, in reference to Chance’s lyrics of Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam.” “Whats the Chance of that lol congrats to the winners!”

In March 2016 “All the Way Up” was one of the most popular hip-hop songs of the yearespecially for Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s home town of New York City — with the song peaking at No. 27, on the Billboard Hot 100 while soaring to triple platinum status. This Cool & produced track by Dre was his biggest-selling single in the past decade, and is Remy’s top-charting hit.

“All the Way Up” was also a popular choice among Joe and Remy’s rap friends and featured JAY-Z joined The Terror Squad duo on the official remix which buried his and Joey Crack’s lengthy dispute. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss, The Game, E-40 and even EDM Kingpin David Guetta also added their flavour to the song in different remixes.

Drake was almost featured alongside JAY-Z in the official remix, too.

“Drake called me three times, FaceTime,” Fat Joe stated to GQ.. “He knew it was a smash. He texted me “Yo, please send the track. You can send me the track. Then I decided to add Drake on the list. Drake has been one of my top musicians of the past. One of the most influential artists of all time, who sings lyrically and with a melodious voice. I am in love with every aspect of Drake. His personality, his attitude and everything else about Drake.

“Who else has gotten 15 years old, and put out the No. 1 one after No. 1, after No. 1, after No. 1? I’m in love with Drake Know the meaning of what I’m saying? I’m not sure if i’ve said that to him however, I won’t tell you the truth. If anyone mentions his name, I’ll say the truth. He’s the greatest.”

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But Joe eventually decided to avoid the inclusion of Drizzy as a remixed artist since he didn’t want to ruin his on-wax reunion with JAYZ and JAY-Z, who had been in conflict for many years and also her first collaboration with Hov the rapper, who was Hov was her “favorite artist.”

“It was just right to have his name on the track in that moment. However, with all the history that has been shared between JAY-Z and myself I felt that for the true fans who are familiar with Fat Joe, we had to let it go,” he explained. “Get that moment of Joe laughing along with Jay and Remy and it was a huge success.

“It simply meant a lot to meemotionally to perform it with Jay as well as Remy. It’s because Jay is Remy’s top artist. Remy admires JAY-Z, yet has never had the chance to collaborate with him because the legend of Fat Joe.”