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Father drops <i>HU$BAND 2</i>, shares “Oxenfree” music video

Father. Photo by Bobby Palmer


Father always sounds like such a sweetheart when he’s rapping — like, I just want to bring this guy home to meet my parents. His new HU$BAND 2 EP goes hard but also has this intangibly zen quality to it, which feels correct for a man whose Awful Records label boasts Playboi Carti and also Faye Webster as alumnae.

HU$BAND 2, out everywhere today via Awful Ent./Too Lost, is the sequel to 2019’s original HU$BAND EP. It features six tracks including “Oxenfree,” which was released as a single last week. That song also gets a Breaking Bad-meets-Young Frankenstein music video treatment directed by Father himself. Watch and listen below.

HU$BAND 2 tracklist:

1. So Awful ENT
2. Oxenfree
3. Spooktified
4. Tax The Church
5. Vodka Me Down
6. Sanctuary

HU$BAND 2 album art

Father drops <i>HU$BAND 2</i>, shares “Oxenfree” music video