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Finesse2Tymes‘ recent concert in Knoxville, Tennessee left three people injured following a shooting, and two people have now been charged.

Jackie Netterville, 22, and Gino Mickens, 20, have both been charged with reckless endangerment. Mickens was arrested following the shooting, as he had multiple outstanding felony warrants from Florida, but Netterville’s whereabouts are unknown at this time and he is not in custody.

The shooting took place around 2:30 a.m. on Monday after Finesse performed at My Canna Buds on Sunday night (January 1). A dispute broke out before shots were fired, according to WREG. Footage of the incident was shared on YouTube and shows Finesse2Tymes on stage performing when a fight breaks out in the crowd to the left of him, prompting him to jump off stage and stop his performance.

A spokesperson for the Knoxville Police Department said numerous individuals are believed to have fired shots and that seven firearms were recovered at the scene. Two of the victims have been discharged from the hospital, while one still remains in the hospital.

A local boxer named Alonzo “Big Zo” Butler, who said he helped sell tickets to the show, claimed in a since-deleted Facebook post that Finesse2Tymes’ entourage was responsible for the shooting, and claimed they also robbed the store. However, he clarified that the rapper himself wasn’t involved.

“1st of all y’all it wasn’t Knoxville it was 2tymes people who shot then they rob cannabuds,” he wrote on Facebook. “I save 3 to 4 people Bullet went past my left ear I just knew I had to get down thank God I’m still here thankful it was a no fatalities but they didn’t steal.”

Butler added in security footage from inside the Cannabis store where the performance took place, and multiple women can be seen emptying a cash box and fleeing with a black trash bag.

Finesse2Tymes allegedly denied the allegations on Snapchat, and accused the concert promoters of not paying him.

“Hope everybody made it out safe we don’t come looking for problems but we handles dem somebody check on Joseph…. he got duh shyt beat out of himself literally,” he wrote, according to a screenshot.

In another post, he added: “Yall goofy MTFs betta quit lying on my name, aint nobody robbed no damn body…MTF I got paid my front end before I hit duh stage… Everybody chasing MTF clout damn duh year just started.

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“Talking about my security robbed dem… Naw this on my kids them folk tried to set me up so they wouldn’t have 2 pay a n-gga duh backend which I showed them love and told duh MTFs they could make it off duh door and pay me my bac ends afta duh show…I was sitting down when duh bo came up and did dat hoe shyt ion know why MTFs playing wit me I’m on my federally probation.”

He continued: “Then the ownrs thought I wasn’t supposed to get my bac end nah MTF we had a contractual agrees just because you couldn’t keep them goofy ass n-ggaz in order don’t mean I’m not supposed to get my paper I did what I was supposed 2 do perform!!”

The shooting comes weeks after the release of Finesse2Tymes’ major label debut, 90 Days, which features collaborations with Moneybagg YoLil BabyGucci Mane and Tay Keith.