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Fivio Foreign will not join in the same direction as 21 Savage and the comments he recently made regarding Nas not being relevant anymore to Hip Hop.

He Brooklyn native was contacted by the TMZ at the airport, and asked for his thoughts regarding the entire ordeal that has left the Hip Hop community in shambles.

“That n-gga Nas did too much to be disrespected like that,” Fivio stated. “That’s big bro , where I’m from, you know what I’m talking about. I was recently in his music album. He recently won an Grammy on the album that I joined.”

He went on to talk about Nas not being irrelevant “Nah is similar to saying that you’re are a legend and You can do whatever you want. You come back whenever you want and you leave whenever you’d like. It’s that simple. He is free to do whatever you want.”

Fivio was later asked about Kodak Black’s reaction to 21’s controversial statement and he responded that Kodak Black is actually a fan of Kodak Black, who is a Floriday rapper. He also stated that the most effective way for artists to respond to criticism like that is to stay the focus on themselves and not be concerned on the other person.

21 Savage has Hip Hop fans in a fury when he said Nas was insignificant during a chat on Clubhouse. 21 Savage was asked about the meaning of “relevant” to the audience was, and then added: “I don’t feel like Nas is relevant. I don’t think Nas can be considered relevant.”

21 Savage’s comments seemed to strike the hearts of those in the chatroom , as people started to argue with the other. When things settled down and 21 Savage, the Slaughter Gang boss took the stage to explain that the Queensbridge icon hasn’t been relevant in recent times and he’s got an “loyal” fan base and continues to make great music.

The Atlanta native attempted to clarify his post through Twitter and to explain why his statements were being misinterpreted in a way that he did not want to.

“I would never disrespect nas or any legend who paved the way for me y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it,” 21 wrote in a post while applauding the Queensbridge iconic image.

Many were not sold by his reasoning, including Kodak Black who spoke to 21 Savage. The Florida rapper posted on Instagram Live earlier in the week to attack 21 for slamming 21 Savage’s New York legend’s current position in the world of rap as he quoted lyrics from his 2002 track “I Can.”

“Talking about, ‘Oh, Nas irrelevant.’ How the fuck Nas irrelevant, hoe?” Kodak Black asked. “How is it that Nas isn’t important Homie? N-gga smoking dick! Doing an incredibly Fucking Drake [album”Fucking Drake. We are proud of Drake We are in love with Drake and we’ll take it as is.

“Nas that homie. I’m sure I’ll be able (I am sure of it) Do what I’d like to be (Be what I’d like to be) If I try really hard in it (If I put in the effort to do it) I’ll get to where I want to be. You crazy, boy! What’s the matter? Nas the boy. Homie, you tripping. Nas the n-gga boy, you’re tripping, boy. What’s the”fuck?”

Nas Seemingly Responds To 21 Savage’s ‘Not Relevant’ Comments

Nas continued to defend Nas by declaring: “A n-gga fucked up about Nas. I love him and he’s a homie. I’m not saying n-ggas isn’t lit, but they are have real. Nas wasn’t bothering me at all, boy. I wasn’t bothering you.”n-gga.”