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Flavor Flav was late for his flight but did not hesitate to inform Spirit staff members Spirit inform them of the situation.

According to TMZ The famous member of Public Enemy missed his flight on Thursday (November 10) evening at the Spirit gate in Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

Around 11:30pm, Flav was seated near the entrance, waiting to board onto a plane to Detroit. While working on his laptop or talking on the phone he noticed that the gatekeeper had shut the door to the jetway. When he walked up to his gate, the person did not open the gate which caused him to miss his flight.

As you might see, Flav was not happy with the situation and had an argument between one Spirit employees. A third customer even attempted to defend Flav. After Flav began using obscenities to vent his anger The employee threatened to contact security.

Flav states that it’s his habit to wait until everyone is able to board before boarding because the majority of times he’s asked to snap pictures and isn’t looking to delay the process of boarding, according to reports. Additionally, it’s believed that an employee from Spirit did open the door to allow others in, but then shut it once more for Flav along with two other passengers.

After the incident, Flav issued a statement, which was obtained through TMZ and offered an apology for his part in the incident.

“Spirit Airlines closed the doors for me when I was waiting to board. I was angry and said some rude words to the gate staffer,” Flav said in an apology statement. “I apologize to the people who saw me acting in a way that was not my the character. I am not apologizing towards Spirit Airlines or the gate agent. .”

Apart from his problems in relation to Spirit Airlines, Flav has many things to be thankful about. He recently celebrated having been sober over two years. In the meantime “911 Is a Joke” rapper posted a photo on Instagram in October of last year to celebrate the milestone anniversary.

“Today is October 19,” Flavor Flav began. “And guess what: I am two years, no cigarettes,” the post read. Two years without alcohol. What’s the matter? I’m really happy y’all Just wanted for you to know. And I don’t care about what people say about me, I look great y’all. .”

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