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From Special Occasion to Bold Every Day: Introducing TAFT 365

TAFT, the trailblazing footwear brand renowned for its bold and distinct designs, is thrilled to unveil its latest endeavor, TAFT 365. The release introduces a new benchmark in everyday footwear, seamlessly merging urban sophistication across an array of 16 captivating styles.

Setting itself apart from the existing lineup, TAFT emerges with groundbreaking additions to its portfolio. Departing from the ordinary, TAFT 365 epitomizes boldness in perfect harmony with everyday comfort. Through custom outsoles and creaseless, hand-painted leathers—designs that effortlessly command attention while maintaining all-day comfort—a new chapter in footwear innovation unfolds.

Founder Kory Stevens shares his excitement for this much-anticipated release: “TAFT 365 has been an idea in my mind for many years, and I am excited to finally release it to the TAFT community. Over the years, I realized that our products had become a special-occasion shoe. The boots you wear to a wedding or the shoes for graduation. We were missing the Monday through Friday, the 9 to 5 shoes. This is where the TAFT 365 collection comes in – it’s the daily shoe, designed for comfort, versatility, and style all in one. With exceptional finishing, luxurious leathers, top-quality outsoles, and full leather lining, I can’t wait for our TAFT Fam to experience this new chapter.”

The TAFT 365 collection boasts an array of styles designed to embody the philosophy of ‘Bold Every Day’ while resonating with TAFT‘s distinctive identity. Each shoe in the collection embodies daring with wearability, allowing individuals to express themselves confidently. From the understated moc toe boots to versatile wingtip boots and shoes and contemporary loafers, every design showcases comfort, versatility and city style all-in-one.

Incorporating museum patina crust leathers and custom rubber outsoles, TAFT 365 delivers a collection that captures the essence of ‘Bold Every Day’. Kory Stevens emphasizes, “TAFT is bold, TAFT 365 is an everyday kind of bold. These designs resonate with our dedicated fan base and those seeking a distinctive yet wearable style.” With TAFT 365, the brand maintains its commitment to excellence by incorporating superior materials and finishes that epitomize the ‘Bold Every Day’ philosophy. The collection boasts unique aesthetics that remain true to the TAFT identity, offering individuals a chance to experience boldness in an accessible manner.

As the fashion landscape evolves, TAFT 365 effortlessly blends trendsetting with enduring appeal, exemplifying classic styles infused with the unmistakable TAFT twist. This seamless balance caters to its devoted following while also attracting new admirers. The TAFT 365 collection, available at , offers an exceptional range of styles, reflecting the brand’s commitment to accessible luxury, with prices starting from $170 to $200. This invites individuals to embrace confidence-boosting footwear like never before.

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