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Future has spoken out about his romantic future plans and has admitted that he would like to be settled for good.

King Pluto was interviewed by Billboard ‘sCarl Lamarre to share a candid analysis of his career and the ongoing drama that has involved some parents of his sons’.

“If I were married, in my home with my children the way I would have it, it’d be totally different. It’s not a way I had,” Future said. “It’s something you imagine. It’s one of my goals. It’s not difficult for some people however for me, it’s just like this rock star lifestyle doesn’t work for me.”

He went on to say: “For even creating music I’m just feeling like I’m not getting something, if I don’t do the music in a certain type of way. I truly dedicated my whole life to my supporters. I have dedicated my whole life to music. Everything I love and everything I have I put into music. The outcome remains to be determined until this day.”

If asked if the fame and happiness of a union can make for a successful couple The dirtiest Sprite star said that the possibility was feasible.

“I feel like I can have both,” the man declared. “When the right time comes and it’s going to take place. This isn’t something I’m actually chasing. However, I do dream about it and really want it. I’m pretty sure I’d choose the wrong woman and/or something else, but I were simply chasing it. You don’t know the exact things can happen in relationships, as well as love and being married and living in the same house as your children and having additional children that aren’t staying with you.”

Future said: “That’s just a whole different lifestyle I’ve never had the chance to experience. However, I know that it’s something I’d like, and when it comes up that day, I’ll be ready. I’d like to ensure that I live it to the highest degree. However, I don’t think about that sh-t. I think about having the wife of my dreams and sh-t. But I do want to have a wife. Everyone around me wants me to have a wife . More than I do.”

Future’s latest revelation comes following the woman who claimed to have a child together with the Atlanta rapper posted on Instagram on October 1st to criticize the rapper for abruptly cutting payments for child support.

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“You can cuss Future out damn near slap that n-gga and he will not trip,” she wrote on her Instagram page. “But visit the internet and to find out he’s coming to your throat. He hates it!”

Then she was scolded by Future for taking home “a bunch of thotty hate hoes,” before adding: “What’s sad is he truly wants to be more of a person. There are days when they cry … and then the Devil takes on him and he goes back to hell. I’m not able speak for some of the BMs whom he didn’t do much for But deep inside I know that I’m a strong. I didn’t meet him just once for the first time, it’s been six years. So I’m aware of his positive side as well as his negative side.”

In more Future information, his latest album, I NEVER LIKE You has been nominated for an Grammy Award, and he is scheduled to be the headliner of Rolling Loud’s 2023 California edition along with other rap superstars such as Lil Wayne and Playboi Carti.