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Gillie Da Kid has yet again displayed his basketball skills on the court, beating the Detroit Pistons Assistant Coach Rashard Lewis in a three-point shootout.

A video of Lewis’s bloody loss in his gym was circulating on TikTok and included Gillie Da Kid asking, “2 for 9? are you going to offer me this or do I have to shoot? You have to shoot this? I’m about beat an Assistant Coach from Detroit Pistons! Detroit Pistons in the Detroit Pistons training facility!”

The host of the podcast is shown nailing buckets in a variety of ways before the video comes to an end.

Gillie Da Kid is no stranger to the court. He was spotted in July making some serious scores in The Brotherly Love Pro-am League Celebrity Game.

The video of the game shows The Million Dollaz worth in the form of Game host battling against the team Ghee Funny in Camden, New Jersey on July 22 He was seen shooting three-pointers and executing some slick shots while mocking the other team.

Gillie has previously fought with Russ on the court too. In the premiere season of REVOLT TV’s The Crew League, the duo could be seen fighting for supremacy in a series of one-on-1s and Gillie winning an 8-2 victory over The CHOM 2. rapper. The clip of the match was shared on Instagram in May, Jim Jones demanded Gillie to an actual game of hoops and admitted that he was not impressed by the skills of the podcaster.

“Kill both of y’all wit a bad shoulder u takin advantage of Russ,” Jim Jones said in the remarks. However, Russ stated that the Dipset co-founders ought to think twice.

“Gillie whooped me like 8-2 lmao idk how you in that crazy of shape smh show my floater tho,” Russ stated.

The summer was when The Detroit Pistons announced the return of their teal-colored retro jerseys and they’d also announced that they would be created by Big Sean, who was named the chief creative officer of innovations for his team from home in December.

“It was really something I threw out in the universe one day,” Big Sean said to the Undefeated. “I spoke about it, just like”They have to offer me the job!’ We were talking about the Pistons Red Wings, Tigers or Lions. I’m a big Detroit fan. I’m ride-or-die with it. I’ve always believed that however, especially when it comes to the Pistons. It’s amazing to think that it took place in this way. I’m truly thankful.”

In an update via Instagram this Friday (November 11), Sean Don unveiled the “City Edition” NBA jersey and also said that creating the jersey was the “full circle” moment for Sean Don. Detroit rapper.

“Chef’d these jerseys up wit the @nike team n @nba for the @detroitpistons ‘City Edition’ jerseys,” Sean began. “Paying tribute to the Detroit iconic “St. Cecilia’s’ (hence the green). Three stars (for the 3 championships they total) and the blue line (for Detroit being a blue collar city).”

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He went on to say: “I actually went to St. Cecilia’s for basketball camp as short, so it’s a complete circle for me. The jerseys will be worn during the game for approximately 10 games. The jerseys are also available for a short time, as long as supplies last.”

They are now on sale via the NBA website at $119.00.