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GloRilla has had a fantastic 2022, and it was even more amazing this week, when she was nominated for an Grammy and was shown some appreciation with a hug from Nas on his latest album King’s Disease III.

The magazine got to know the CMG singer just following King’s Disease IIIdropped on Friday (November 11) and the young rapper was delighted at Nas’s mention. Glo was also just dropping her first EP “Anyway Life’s Great… on Friday (November 11) in addition.

“I love that so much, Nas is a big legend for real,” Glo added. “That’s huge. As if I’ve never been that big in my entire life.”

Nas has spoken regarding his “Tomorrow” rapper on his album’s final extra song “Til My Last Breath,” where he raps ” I’m applying pressure, I see why she pressed (Why she pressed)/ When she with me she GloRilla, FNF (FNF)/ N-A-S, I’m steppin’ ’til my last breath (My last breath, yeah).”

GloRilla had more reasons to be giddy the day of her birthday (November 15) when it was announced the news that “F.N.F” was nominated for the Best Rap Performance.

“The same song they was clowning me & my friends about saying we was Ugly & Dusty just got nominated for a Grammy,” she tweeted. “WHEN GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE YOU CANNOT FAIL.”

GloRilla first was a sensation with her hit song “F.N.F (Let’s Go),” however, she later had legal issues with the producer, Hitkidd.

The producer was scolded by GloRilla on Twitter following the Memphis singer and her crew allegedly attempted to get ownership of the song.

“So basically these folks are trying to take me to court over ‘FNF’ because they want to OWN the song, BUT they want to own the song to put it on this EP which both parties knew,” Hitkidd wrote. “So please tell me how you managed to include “FNF” in your contract and not tell me that you did so, and then…

“I informed you and your manager everyday that we were at LA with Saweetie. labels will be trying to sign you due to FNF, so keep an eye out. I also advised you to notify me when the labels are reaching out so that we can be in the same boat however, you went ahead and did my song without informing me.”

He said: “I did my best to ensure your safety and that of the girls. It’s only a small portion of what I’ve experienced. I’m trying to shed light on this, before the word gets out that I’m the bad guy. I’m a stand-up guy and I’m a stand-up guy for morals and business.”

GloRilla has responded via Facebook and claimed Hitkidd that she was “salty” because she ended in being signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG collective but not his label.

“N-ggas been salty every since ian sign to Dey label to be a group for $0 smh,” she wrote, along with a variety of crying face emoticons.

GloRilla said she was aware that HitKidd was able to sell the track for $500,000 just before it became viral.

“One last thing before I exit N-GGA YOU PARTICIPATED DA SONG OFF THE first week( Without me knowing) for 50k, BECAUSE YOU DIDNT realize how large it was. !!!!! SHOULD I KEEP GOING ????? ?” she asked.

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The good news is that GloRilla offered her “Tomorrow 2” single with Cardi B the visual treatment in the last month. The track has been equally as well-known like “F.N.F.,” thanks in part, to the dance’s virality and Cardi’s signature and currently has more than 22 million streamers via Spotify.