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Grandmaster Flash, Roxanne Shante, as well as other legendary rap stars have been to New York City to announce plans for celebrations to mark Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary 2023.

Images taken at the New York’s City Hall over the weekend included a variety of rap pioneers – Flash, Shante, Slick Rick as well as Master Gee included – standing next to the city’s current Mayor Eric Adams as they spoke about the events scheduled in conjunction with the Bronx’s Universal Hip Hop Museum that will be open in 2024.

“Today, hip hop legends came together at City Hall to announce @uhhmuseum and NYC’s plan to celebrate hip hop’s 50th anniversary in 2023,” Flash posted on Instagram. “It’s going to be big – I can’t wait to get started.”

Although it’s unclear exactly which events that the city plans to host, Shante touched on the schedule of the events as she spoke on the podium and stated that the city has 50 events planned in the period that spans 50 consecutive days.

“When I first got contacted and said “Listen, what we’re planning to do is that we’re going to have 50 activities, 50 celebrations of fifty years of Hip Hop,’ I thought, ‘That’s an awful lot of 50s”, the rap icon stated.

“But I’m honoured to be able to take part in knowing the spin being given to New York City and knowing that we’re about to celebrate something similar to Hip Hop here in New York City in the city the city where it originated. Many people are unsure if it originated in New York or not, but it’s in New York City, where we’ve developed it to perfection. Aren’t you?”

Flash was also present at the celebration and called that it was an honor celebrate fifty years in the music genre which he helped to create. “I’ve been called a legend a lot of times,” he added. “Legends die young. Many times, legends aren’t given the chance to witness what they’ve accomplished to the fullest extent. In this case, all Hip Hoppers and to all hip hoppers all over the globe. I’d like to express my gratitude. Because if I had not done this, it could be a shambles.”

The announcement came after Mayor Adams has approved $5.5 million in funds to the Bronx museum in August.

“First time in New York City history, we have a Hip Hop mayor,” Adams stated at the press conference held in August with Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons. Laurie Cumbo, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner was also present at the.

“We have the power now where we can use the experience of these men and women here to reform how we use music to educate our children,” Adams declared. “To not only build this project but to make sure the young people on this project don’t have a steel gun but a steel hammer so they can be a part of the construction.”

He went on to say: “I’m saying to my siblings and brothers in the business”We want to become your partners. The blueprint you laid was the one which we’re following. Many of us were singing in a different key. We now need to create an all-encompassing rap that we can all be able to sing. This is just the beginning. I’m extremely proud to serve as the mayor of this moment. I am grateful to God that Bill DeBlasio didn’t open this museum. There’s nothing wrong with the man But this is the museum I’m supposed to open.”

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Adams recently endorsed the rap scene was a surprise after he had previously taken an anti-drill, fervent stance in the beginning of his tenure.

The 61-year old had demanded social platforms to stop the use of drill music in February, as he sought to link the subgenre with rising violence from guns in the city.

But, Adams then met with Fivio Foreign, Maino and B-Lovee in the middle of the month to discuss a discussion about the use of drill music and has since gained the trust of some of the most famous hip-hop stars like French Montana, who was born in the Bronx and has said that it was now time for him to “embrace” the politician.

“In order for us to make a change, we have to embrace people like [Eric Adams] and people in the higher positions that can help see the vision and help these kids because we don’t have no help out here,” French stated in an interview with Sway on the Morning. .