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Grimes DJs at a “Keep AI open” party but says she disagrees with the sentiment

Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images

Grimes played a DJ set at an afterparty for OpenAI’s DevDay in San Francisco this week. The platform’s first-ever developer conference introduced plenty of tech news, including the plan to launch a platform for creating and discovering custom versions of ChatGPT.

It was at the “unofficial official” afterparty that Grimes appeared on Monday night (November 6), introducing tech bros to techno while standing in front of a screen displaying messages including “Keep AI open” and “Liberate AI” plus anime and video game images. OpenAI did not sponsor the party itself.

Grimes, who has pushed a number of ways for artists to use AI in their music this year, told the crowd that despite her appearance at the event, she did not agree with the sentiment shared by its organizers.

“I disagree with the sentiment of this party,” she said from the DJ booth (via The San Francisco Standard). “I think we need to find ways to be safer about AI.”

“Crowd” may be a generous term for those who heard her message, though. The Standard reports that only seven of the 300+ guests were dancing.

The event was held days after the launch of Grimes’ ex Elon Musk’s OpenAI competitor platform Grok. Musk, who is engaged in a parental rights battle with his former partner, is a keen advocate of AI regulations and recently attended a summit on the subject in the U.K. organized by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

In other Grimes news, last week she appeared alongside Sevdaliza on “Nothing Lasts Forever.”