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Nas as well as Hit Boy’s King’s Disease series was a well-known and acclaimed series over its initial two installments and featured appearances by Hip Hop heavyweights like Eminem, Lauryn Hill and Big Sean. However, in King’s Disease 3 that debuted this week the Queensbridge rapper was the center of attention by himself.

In a recent interview on the Apple Music’s Rap Life Review He explained the reasoning for the absence of music in the project. The multi-platinum-selling producer said there were a variety of artists in his thoughts for the album and even tried out a variety of guest vocals that he kept in his archive however, the duo of him as well as Nas weren’t convinced that they could compete with what they had in mind as a duo.

“Honestly, it was once we got deeper into the album because I definitely was thinking and conceptualizing on who could be a part of it,” the singer said. “I also pulled up some features I had on my computer that were from different artists. We tried a few things however nothing was really connecting with what we were doing on our own. This album is, I think, Nas’ first album without features, therefore that’s a bad thing by itself.”

Nas has released an album that did not have tracks in the pastthe 2002 compilation called The Lost Tapes -however in terms of his studio output the album he released in 1994 “Illmatic” was the most close Nas has come to it in the past, featuring AZ is the only track as a guest in the record.

Later, he bragged about it on his 2001 single “Got Ur Self a Gun,” in which he sang: “My first album had no famous guest appearances / The outcome: I’m crowned the best lyricist.”

King’s Disease 3 wasn’t all-single However, Hit-Boy’s two-year-old son sang background vocals on a number of songs such as “Once a Man, Twice a Child.”

Nas isn’t the only famous rapper to be solo on albums in recent times. J. Cole famously was “platinum with no features” with 2014’s Forest Hills Drive, 2016’s 4 Your Eyez Only and 2018’s 4 Your Eyez Only, before taking on his collaborative side in The Dreamville collection Revenge of the Dreamers III and his solo project for 2021 The Off-Season.

21 Savage, who has been in the news this week over his remarks regarding Nas his cultural relevance on an interview with Clubhouse call, also boasted of selling a million units in a single on dolo in 2017 on the album The Issa Album.

Nas ‘King’s Disease 3’ Cements His Impressive Second Act

In the course of the course of his Apple Music interview, Hit-Boy revealed his initial reactions in response to Nas’ lyrics about his past feud and JAY-Z in”Thun,” the King’s Disease 3 track “Thun,” on which the rapper raps about sending text messages to Hov to say that their fight “ain’t over”

“We’re trying to impress us [in the studio], so there are often that he’ll make a statement and I’ll stare at him and say, “Nah You didn’t speak that way! What’s happening? ‘” he recalled. “That is one, absolutely. I was thinking, ‘Do you know that it’s going to go all over the internet when it’s released? ‘”

The hitmaker from HS87 rejected the idea that the lines were anything other than a friendly rivalry. “Nah, them dudes, they homies,” said the singer. added. “It’s basically an homage to their competition] as well as paying tribute to the moment. It’s true that they were one of the most infamous rivalries of all time on Hip Hop so it’s just playing and having a blast with it.”

Hit-Boy also referred to his personal top music of KD3 -“Beast, “Beast,” “Michael & Quincy” as well as the Mary J. Blige-sampling “Reminisce” — while discussing the possibility that he and Nas making the Fourth King’s Disease album.

“Haha! Yo, that’s funny. I said to Nas that I was thinking”Watch for it, when KD4 drops, we’ll be questions regarding KD4“” the rapper stated. “I don’t know, bro. We’re working on and Nas clearly, is performing everything he does as an artist still working for many other people , so we’ll look into it however, we’re are enjoying KD3 at the moment.”