Songs You Need in Your Life: October 2023

Songs You Need in Your Life: October 2023

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Songs You Need in Your Life: October 2023

Our rolling list of this month’s essential new tracks.


The FADER’s Songs You Need In Your Life are our picks for the most exciting and essential new music releases out there. Every day, we update this page with new selections. Listen on our Spotify playlist or hear them all below.

Armand Hammer feat. Moor Mother & Pink Siifu: “Don’t Lose Your Job”

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips by Armand Hammer

A slowed-down and existentially heavy highpoint from billy woods and E L U C I D’s latest, which stops almost entirely to make space for the incomparable Moor Mother to breathe about “scattered spirits” and curving particles. Tracks like these are why woods keeps rapping about trying to find great weed. — Alex Robert Ross

Truth Club: “Siphon”

Taking a few cues from Ovlov’s garage rock-inflected shoegaze, Truth Club unleash a playful barrage of guitar noise and endearingly slacker-ified defiance — Jordan Darville

DJ Chinwax feat. Maureen: “Ô PÉYI”

Icey synths and a deviant atmosphere permeate through this new song from the St. Martinique artist. His gothic take on Shatta, a descendent of dancehall popular in the French Caribbean, is exciting, fierce, and primed for the most memorable bashment of the year; it’s almost unfair to be playing “Ô PÉYI” on repeat first thing on a Monday – Jordan Darville

Slow Pulp: “Doubt”

Yard by Slow Pulp

“Am I not enough, or too much?” laments Emily Massey on Slow Pulp’s punky new number “Doubt,” where very real anxieties are juxtaposed against the sonic bubliness of the track. It gives the feel of an indie rock version of Sum 41’s “In Too Deep,” a song that the band themselves have put out as a cover. — Cady Siregar

julie: “catalogue”

catalogue by julie

I came across julie this summer when they shared a bill with The Strokes in London. They’re no indie sleaze revivalists, though, as “catalogue” proves. “I don’t feel sexy, I don’t feel amused,” vocalist Keyan Zand sings before confidently stating “But I will try to undress you.” This attack of self-doubt floats above a brawny riff that quickly disintegrates into a wash of gauzy instrumental noise. — David Renshaw

Martha Da’ro: “Fast Life”

Belgian artist Martha Da’ro finds herself lost in a late night flirtation on “Fast Life,” a song that asks what if this moment simply never ends? The production, somewhere between drum and bass and a sped-up Billie Eilish edit, nails the current moment and carries Da’ro’s timeless mix of yearning and desire through until the morning after. — David Renshaw

Oneohtrix Point Never: “Krumville”

Oneohtrix Point Never and Xiu Xiu join forces for a blissful slowcore jam anchored by a two-chord guitar loop and simmering strings. On an album concerned with unexplored potentialities, “Krumville” is the most visceral expression of nostalgia for something that never existed. — Raphael Helfand

Matana Roberts: “predestined confessions”

Matana Roberts’s Coin Coin series is a radical exploration of American history through the eyes of the oppressed. Its fifth installment places carefully plotted passages of spoken-word poetry next to chaotic, free jazz fantasias. “predestined confessions” belongs to the latter category, a smoldering heap of sound that releases pain, fear, and anger in a way words never could. — Raphael Helfand

MoMa Ready: “Cycles (Relax)”

Out now on his latest album, Turn And Look, MoMa Ready delivers a reflective offering with “Cycles (Relax),” a meditative 2-step track that serves as a reminder to find beauty in routine and restoration. — Arielle Lana LaJarde

Logic1000: “Grown on Me”

One of Logic1000’s strengths is that she can capture the complexities of romance in song. “In Grown On Me,” the crescendoing production perfectly matches the building desire one experiences when they begin to fall in love. — Arielle Lana LaJarde

Thumbnail images: (L) Oneohtrix Point Never. Photo by Joe Perri (M) Armanda Hammer. Photo by Alexander Richter (R) Logic1000. Photo by Claryn Chong

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