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The Bronx, NY –

Ice Spice as well as Lil Tjay hosted an event to celebrate turkey before Thanksgiving, in their hometown of Bronx, New York on Wednesday evening (November 16).

BX rappers BX rappers were met with a flurry of fans during the event , as they discovered a way to show their appreciation to the same community that they were raised in. They gave turkeys to around 150 families in the area.

The footage showed Ice Spice as well as Tjay sitting on top of type of vehicle or table looking out over the crowd of screaming fans when they handed out turkeys to the public for free. The crowd was more interested in taking photos with their local heroes.

“This is a shit look active out there… We are in The Bronx. You can trust me, I’ve got many turkeys to distribute. Police are a shit. My son Ice is [here]. If you’re not there, come out however,” Tjay said before attacking his critics. “I know the opps mad they can’t do this.”

Lil Tjay appears to be happy After being shot several times within the Chipotle Restaurant at Edgewater, New Jersey in June.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office has reported that a 27-year-old male known as Mohamed Konate attempted to take Tjay and his two companions, Antoine Boyd and Jeffrey Valdez while they were in the back of a Dodge Durango near the Promenade shopping center.

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Konate who was arrested about a month following the shooting, was accused of firing near-fatal rounds at Tjay and struck him in the chest cavity. Konate was wounded by gunshots in the robbery attempt. Konate was wounded during the attempted robbery “Zoo York” rapper was reported to be unconscious for several days following emergency operation.

In the case of Ice Spice Ice Spice, she is still trying adapting to her newly-earned fame following a meteoric rise due to her breakout smash “Munch (Feelin’ U).” After she released a second track, “Bikini Bottom,” Ice Spice is making an EP of six tracks as her first project.