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New Single for “Bottles” From LA-based R&B Meets Pop Powerhouse Darius Martin

Known for his sublime beats and rich melodic vocals, Martin encompasses the ear in a lush fantasy from the moment you press play. 

The single was born in a studio session from a freestyle and has since evolved into a crystal-cut club anthem that ignites imagination with lavish tales of breathtaking blowouts over pristine beats.

Darius Martin blends his experience growing up in vast desert landscapes from El Paso, Texas to Alamogordo, New Mexico into his music. Now based in Los Angeles, he blends this wild and desolate search for meaning from his roots with a newfound sense of wonder and stimulation. Darius Martin has received acclaim from the likes of Earmilk, Allhiphop, ThisisRNB and more.

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Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer Darius Martin pioneers expansive alt R&B music complete with pop-laced hooks and island-drenched soundscapes. Writing about the beauty and struggles found in life, Martin aims to connect with his listeners on a deep level, pouring his own emotions and autobiographical experiences into every release.

Born in El Paso, Texas, Darius Martin spent his childhood in Alamogordo, New Mexico where he took influence from the vastness of the desert. Relocating to Southern California in high school, Martin was an active and serious athlete in his teenage years. Fate though, had a different plan, and when a serious illness sidelined Martin, he began channeling his time into discovering his new passion for music. Influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, Martin began experimenting with different sounds and genres aiming to achieve a sound that is fresh as it is timeless. The songwriter attended the prestigious Los Angeles Film Institute where he graduated in 2020. His college experience further reinforced his passion and ambition to pursue a career in music. Equipped with the skills developed during his time at the Los Angeles Film Institute, he began recording music professionally.

In 2022, Martin released his debut single “Ring”, a sultry club infused anthem drenched with intoxicating rhythms over deep dark basslines, pulsating beats, and melancholic lyrics that leaves a haunting memory of sensuality and abandonment. The single was followed by “Feel A Way”, a slow-burned, pitch-black alternative R&B track all about loss and regret. Martin’s emotive vocals fervently sing his remorse to a former lover, enticing the listener with every note.

“Already Won” is a melodic hip hop single with Dribbletoomuch, where both artists take count of their accomplishments while celebrating their future success. An inspiring anthem that captures the relentless pursuit of excellence, the song inspires listeners to conquer their challenges and seize their moment in the spotlight. With “Waves”, Martin creates a seductive and introspective release detailing the pain of a push and pull romantic relationship. Organic percussion underlays layered brooding harmonies and visceral electronics highlighting the emotional upheaval of a broken relationship. 

Now in 2023, Darius Martin continues to expand his sonic palette and artistry with inventive new releases, captivating a rapidly growing fanbase of avid listeners with his dynamic fusion of genres and masterful lyrical storytelling. Martin’s single “Options” details the whirlwind sensations of a wild romance. Shockingly seductive and sonically imaginative, the songwriter’s rich and textural vocals glide effortlessly over iridescent sonics and penetrating bass. His recent single “Some Time” features island waves of echos and twisted harmonies, with lyrics that muse on longing for someone from a distance. New single “Bottles” is a confluence of ruminative echoes, suave notes of percussion, and a captivating vocal that paints a glamorous landscape inspired by Los Angeles.

Crafting music that deeply resonates with his listeners, Darius Martin takes inspiration from real life experiences and contrasting perspectives to highlight “the good, bad, and in between. I want real life emotions and feelings to be poured out into my music.”



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