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Irish indie band NewDad share “Angel,” a song inspired by <I>Euphoria</i>

Zyana Lorenz

NewDad are a band from Galway in Ireland who, across two EPs (Waves and last year’s Banshee) have established themselves as a group able to combine a grungey aesthetic with sharp songwriting and a fondness for heavy guitars over dreamy soundscapes.

The band will release their debut album Madra, which translates to “dog” in Irish, early next year. The album announcement is accompanied by “Angel,” a new song partly inspired by the hit HBO series Euphoria. Vocalist and songwriter Julie Dawson took the tumultuous relationship between Rue and Jules (played on the show by Zendaya and Hunter Schafer, recpectively) and used it as a means to examine her own destructive tendencies.

In a statement shared alongside the album announcement, Dawson said: “Madra explores various difficult parts of the human condition and the idea of the title is that these feelings that come up are sometimes ones you can’t escape – feelings that follow you around like a dog. We had an amazing team around us who helped bring these songs to life and we’re so excited for this album to be out in the world. We hope that people connect with the songs and that Madra can be a comfort to everyone who listens.”

Madra was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales and was produced by NewDad’s long-time collaborator Chris W Ryan before being mixed by Alan Moulder. It will be released on January 26, 2024.

Madra album artwork + tracklist

Irish indie band NewDad share “Angel,” a song inspired by <I>Euphoria</i>

1. Angel

2. Sickly Sweet

3. Where I Go

4. Change My Mind

5. In My Head

6. Nosebleed

7. Let Go

8. Dream Of Me

9. Nightmares

10. White Ribbons

11. Madra