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Miami, FL –

J. Cole appeared in a surprise fashion on his home at FTX Arena in Miami, Florida to catch the favorite Charlotte Hornets’ road game against the Miami Heat on Thursday (November 10).

As he sat in the courtroom with his long-time coach Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad Hamad, the Dreamville boss did not appear to be having fun at all, however after being spotlighted on the Jumbotron in the arena.

When he turned his head at himself and saw him projected on the screens overhead the famous rapper was being observed sitting in his seat and murmuring something.

Cole was either uncomfortable watching his own cover blow up in front of the television screen or was simply disappointed by the Hornets in the first half, Only Cole knows.

While J. Cole is a Hornets fan and a fan of the Miami Heat made J. Cole feel at ease when they gave J. Cole with a personalized City Edition jersey with Cole #No. 15. The back of the jersey.

“We had hip-hop royalty in the house tonight,” the group wrote on Twitter. “Cole World!”

Cole and Hamad got to enjoy an intense game at the FTX Arena where the Heat won with an 117-112 score in overtime. Jimmy Butler led the Heat with 35 points, while Cole’s home state Hornets lost to 3-10 overall on the season.

Although he’s closely associated with many Hornets players The offseason rapper was a key player during Caleb Martin joining the Miami Heat.

Following his removal by the Hornets during the season last year, Martin worked out at J. Cole’s gym to keep himself in shape. Cole found himself so excited with Caleb’s play that he asked Miami coach Caron Butler to help him train and that led to Martin getting a spot on the roster.

The 27-year-old turned the chance into a lucrative deal after signing an agreement for three years, worth $20 million contract for the Heat prior to the 2022-23 season.

J. Cole Puts On Shooting Clinic During Basketball Workout

J. Cole has hoop hopes of his own, and has had professional appearances with the hoop in Canada in Canada and Africa.

The 6-foot-2 rhymer also recently revealed as the main character in the NBA 2K23‘s DREAMER Edition — making him one of the very only Hip Hop artist to cover the basketball video game franchisewhich is available as the game’s player character together with Jack Harlow.