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J. Prince along with his entire family members held an emotional memorial service last week Houston at the spot where TakeOff had tragically died.

Prince of Wales, who was unable to take part in the service, built an ode for the deceased Migos rapper by placing hundreds of roses at 810 Billiards and Bowling. Doves were released in tribute to TakeOff.

In light of the circumstances surrounding the matter, and the fact that many hold the Prince family accountable for TakeOff’s demise, social media was abuzz with users who expressed their displeasure with the act.

“You would have assumed that J Prince Jr died but it’s not the case. …. The entire ceremony has been BS,” one user posted in Twitter. Another user tweeted: “J Prince should be ashamed of himself, so why should you place your name in a floral tribute at an Takeoff memorial? You’re going to hell! !”

Following the tragic death of TakeOff, Prince expressed his sympathy via Instagram and pleaded for the perpetrator to be brought to justice.

“The Prince family would like to send our condolences to the family and friends of a beautiful soul @yrntakeoff,” Prince wrote. “To Houstonians and families around the globe, this loss hurts me deeply because Takeoff was an uncle, a brother as well as a role model and a God-loving human being.” .”

The rapper added: “Grief is the price of love, a price that people across the world are paying now while we mourn the loss. I’ve been around Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset for a long time and they have shown only love and affection for one another , and this won’t ever alter the fact that we’re in love. This should never have taken place. It shouldn’t have occurred within our town. It shouldn’t have been documented and, for sure, this shouldn’t be on social media for friends, family and followers to read. .”

TakeOff’s body was laid to rest on Saturday (November 11) by a memorial service attended by over 20,00 fans in the State Farm Insurance Arena in Atlanta. At his funeral service Offset delivered an emotional tribute to his former cousin and Migos bandmate.

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“Changed the culture of music forever, you did that Take,” Offset declared. “You transformed the flow. This flow was created by Take the source. The creator of this flow was Take. He altered the music .”

“Lord give us the strength, give us the strength, the family and everybody, give us the strength,” he added. “I am not one to question God but I don’t understand it. .”

Cardi B also sent a heartfelt message to honor TakeOff in the days leading up to his funeral.

“Takeoff your untimely passing has brought a great deal of pain and sorrow to so many lives,” Cardi started her post. “The impact you made in this world was enormous and we’ve had to struggle to comprehend this loss. It is a terrible loss, but am thankful for the many precious memories we had to cherish during your time with us.

She continued: “This has truly been an unimaginable experience and the grief is unimaginable. The loss that your brothers feel is overwhelming and I ask that you grant Offset, Quavo, and your family and friends the strength to continue while they try to bear the loss.”