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James Harden Picked Up The $35.6M Player Option. The star shooting guard of the Philadelphia 76ers is reportedly considering a trade from the team. after exercising his $35.6 million player option. This decision has sparked a whirlwind of trade speculations and raised questions about his future with the 76ers. Harden’s potential departure will significantly impact the team and the NBA landscape as a whole.

James Harden’s Potential Departure from 76ers Sparks Trade Speculations

James Harden Picked Up The $35.6M Player Option.

Rumors of James Harden’s potential departure from the Philadelphia 76ers have sent shockwaves across the NBA.

Harden, known for his scoring prowess and exceptional playmaking abilities, has been a crucial part of the 76ers’.

He started with the team in 2020 and has been a very pivotal player for them.

However, things have changed after last season’s failure to win the championship.

His decision to exercise his $35.6 million player option further intensified trade speculation.

On Thursday, Harden decided to use his $35.6 million player options.

As stated by Sports Illustrated, Harden and the 76ers are focusing on trade options.

With various teams vying for the opportunity to acquire the superstar.

Numerous reports suggest that the 76ers are open to exploring trade options.

But they would instead Harden stay with the franchise.

While the 76ers have publicly stated their desire to retain Harden.

They also know the potential value they could receive in return for him.

The trade talks have ignited the imaginations of fans and analysts alike.

As they speculate on potential destinations and blockbuster deals that could reshape the league.

The Clippers and Knicks are currently interested in Hardon joining their teams.

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